Excuse me Sir, Have you seen the penguins? (COMPLETE)

“Where to first Hemmo?” I asked as we walked through the gates of Taronga Zoo.
“Well… I really like penguins…” he suggested subtly.


1. Excuse me Sir, Have you seen the penguins?

“What we want to know is… how did the two of you meet?” the interviewer asked intently.


“Luke and I met through my band-mate Kat, she introduced Dani and I to all the 5SOS boys shortly after she met Michael,” I replied smiling at the memory.


“No way!” Kat exclaimed excitedly, her eyes glued to the phone screen in front of her.


“What?” Dani asked rolling her eyes. “Did Michael tweet you again?”


“No! He DM-ed me asking if I wanted to go out for coffee!”


“Oh my god girlie! You’re in!” I laughed watching Kat bounce up and down on the couch excitedly.


“When are you going?” Dani asked trying to snatch the phone of Katelin.


“This afternoon at four,” Kat replied dreamily.


“Hey! He replied again,” I said reading the DMs over Kat’s shoulder.


“Can’t wait to see you xox,” Kat read bashfully. “I’ll be with the boys so why don’t you bring Dani and Lanna so we can have a party.”


“Woah, woah, woah, what?” Dani shrieked.


“Go get pretty, you’re meeting your future husband,” Kat teased while we watched Dani run around the house looking for something to wear.


3:45 soon came and Dani, Kat and I left the apartment, walking a couple of blocks until we reached the small, hidden café.


A cluster of tables had been formed into one big table in the middle of the café’s courtyard. 3 of the 7 seats already taken, their occupants engrossed in a private conversation.


Out of the corner of my eye I saw Kat wave shyly at one of the boys at the table, an awkward smile on her face. Dani and I watched as Kat walked over to the boy with black and red hair and embrace him in a hug, him kissing her on the cheek once they pulled apart. He pulled out a chair for her and pushed it back in once she was seated before sitting down beside her. Dani and I ‘aw’d’ before slowly walking over to join the group.


Dani reached the table before I did, already in a conversation with Calum and Ashton as soon as she sat down.


“Shit!” a voice cursed from behind me, before I could turn around I was knocked to the ground.


“I’m so sorry!” the boy apologised helping me up, iced coffee stains all down the front of his shirt and all down the back of mine. “I tripped on a…”


“On a what Hemmings?” I asked brushing dust, dirt and grass from my coffee stained shirt.


“On a rock,” he blushed. “Are you okay?”


“I’m fine,” I smiled as he bit his lip. “You’re buying me a coffee though… and a new shirt.”


“Fine with me,” he grinned leading me back inside the café to get some more coffee.


“Now that was two years ago, Dani and Calum are in fact engaged, Kat and Michael are married and expecting their first child. Are there any proposal plans going through your head Luke?”


“It’s true I love Lanna and I couldn’t think of anyone I’d rather spend the rest of my life with, but you never know…” he winked. “I’ve thought a lot about it… I’m just waiting for the perfect moment.


“That’s sweet,” the interviewer cooed. “Okay so, music wise… where are you at? Is there a new album? Some collaborations maybe? New songs?”


“Soon,” Luke said mysteriously stroking his chin.


“You and the boys say ‘soon’ too much,” I groaned. “It’s like your catchphrase or something.”


“You betcha it is!” Luke laughed.


“That was a great interview!” our manager Adam exclaimed when Luke and I came off set.


“Thanks,” I grinned as Luke and I walked hand in hand out of the studio.


Luke and I arrived back at our flat and plopped down on the couch in a comfortable silence. We sat there for a while before Luke spoke.


“All this talking about how we met has got me thinking about our first date,” he grinned.


“Oh wow,” I laughed recalling our strange and unforgettable first date.


After Luke bought me a coffee we started talking about anything and everything, from high school to My Chemical Romance. It was getting late and everyone was getting ready to leave when Luke asked me a question.


“Hey Lanna, you’re new to Australia right?”


“Yeah… I’m pretty sure we talked about this,” I laughed. “Why?”


“Well I was wondering if you’d… maybe… want to go… to the zoo and do other tourist-y things…. With me…. Tomorrow?” he stuttered blushing a deep red.


“I’d love to,” I smiled passing him my phone as he passed me his, both of us exchanging numbers.


“Where to first Hemmo?” I asked as we walked through the gates of Taronga Zoo.


“Well… I really like penguins…” he suggested subtly.


“Penguins, penguins, penguins,” I mumbled looking for the penguin enclosure on the map.

“They’re on the other side of the zoo.”


“Well we’ll just have to look at everything in between until we get there,” he grinned taking my hand in his. “And you’re gonna hold a koala.”


“I’ve always wanted to hold a koala bear.”


“They’re not bears,” Luke chuckled. “Just koalas.”


“Whatever Mr Zoologist,” I replied rolling my eyes. “I’m a tourist remember, I don’t know these things.”


“Are you sure we’re going the right way?” I asked Luke after we’d seen and held a koala and taking a bunch of silly selfies.


“Yeah, the penguins are this way,” he said positively.


“You sure Luke?” I asked again. “Because I’m pretty sure we’ve seen the crocodiles already.”


“Huh?” he grunted looking up from the map coming face to face with the crocodile enclosure. “Oh.”


“You’ve been holding the map upside down you goose,” I laughed taking the map from Luke and turning it the right way up.


“You could have mentioned it sooner,” he sighed embarrassedly.


“You looked cute trying to find the penguins so I just let you be for a while.”


“Thanks but now we have to go all the way back,” he sighed again.


“Hey, why don’t we go sit down and have something to eat and then go and find the penguins?” I suggested seeing a small kiosk selling all kinds of food and beverages.


“Good idea,” he smiled as we made our way over to the kiosk.


“Hey kids, what can I getcha?” the happy looking kiosk lady asked.


Luke looked at me and I shrugged mouthing ‘I’ll have what you’re having’.


“Two hotdogs and a chocolate milkshake with two straws please,” Luke smiled at the lady handing over a $20 note.


“Any sauce with those hotdogs?”


“Tomato sauce on both please,” Luke replied taking his change.


“Alright hun, go sit down and I’ll bring them over to ya,” the lady smiled as she started making our food.


“Is a hotdog fine with you?” Luke asked nervously.


“Its fine,” I giggled. “And how’d you know I like chocolate milkshakes with two straws?”


“Lucky guess,” he laughed as we sat down opposite each other at a small table away from all the others.


We sat in silence for a while before I spoke up.


“This is fun,” I smiled.


“I’m glad you like it,” Luke smiled back leaning in from across the table, pressing his lips to mine softly.


“What was that for?” I blushed.


“So I couldn’t chicken out later,” Luke replied blushing as well.


“Well thanks,” I blushed noticing the kiosk lady bringing over our food. “Remind me to return the favour.”


Before Luke could reply the kiosk lady placed the food down in front of us, giving us a small smile and walking away quickly feeling like she was interrupting something.


After we’d finished our lunch Luke and I headed in search for the penguins again, this time I was holding the map.


“Are we going the right way?” Luke teased as I stared at the map confusedly.


“Yeah… I think so,” I replied looking up from the map to look at Luke who was smirking.


“We’ve been going in circles,” he chuckled.


“Ugh!” I groaned tossing the map at Luke who laughed.


“Calm down,” he laughed pulling me into a hug.


“I just wanna find the damn penguins,” I pouted hugging him back.


“Do you wanna ask somebody?”


“No! We can find them, I mean how much harder can it get?”


“Don’t say that,” Luke whined playfully. “Now we’ll never find them.”


“Oh shut up,” I giggled shoving his chest playfully.


We’d been walking around the zoo looking for the penguins for a few hours when we’d both reached breaking point.


“The zoo’s closing soon,” Luke stated as we collapsed on a bench.


“I know,” I sighed looking at my watch.


“I’m going to ask somebody,” Luke said finally.


“Go for it, the penguins are probably on the other side of the zoo anyway.”


“It doesn’t matter,” Luke shrugged walking up to the next person who walked past.


I watched him walk up to a man with a daughter no older than 7.


“Excuse me Sir, have you seen the penguins?” he asked in a mock-serious voice, a small smile on his face as the man’s daughter tried to hide from Luke’s view behind her father’s legs.


“We just came from there actually, you go down this path and turn left,” the man smiled pointing down that Luke and I had walked down multiple times.


“Thank you so much,” Luke said laughing tiredly.


The man and his daughter walked off and Luke stood where he was and stared at me before he burst out laughing.


“I can’t believe we’ve walked past the damn penguins at least 10 times in the last hour. How’d we not notice?” I groaned as Luke made his way back over to the bench.


“It doesn’t matter, let’s just go see them and say we’ve accomplished something today,” Luke smiled taking my hand and pulling me off the bench.


“I bet now that we finally know where they are they’re going to be asleep or something.”


“Oh shush, they’ll be fucking amazing, you’ll see.”


We took the directions the man had given us and not surely enough the penguins were there chilling in their little enclosure. Luke literally dragged me to the edge of the enclosure to watch the small fairy penguins. Some were swimming, some were eating and some were just waddling around like all penguins do. He took out his phone and took a few photos and videos of the penguins before turning the camera to me.


“No!” I whined hiding my face in my hands.


“Come on! Take some selfies with me,” he pouted.


“Fine,” I sighed. “Just a couple.”


Half a camera roll later Luke finally put his phone away.


“Aren’t you going to take any photos?” he asked quietly.


“I’ve got a few, I’ll get you to send me some of the ones you have,” I replied.


“You sure?”


“Alright, alright,” I laughed taking my phone out of my pocket. “Come here.”


Luke moved closer to me and wrapped his arm around me as I took a few photos of us with the penguins in the background.


“And you were complaining that I took a lot of pictures,” Luke laughed as he started to walk away.


“No! Come back I need to take one more,” I nearly shouted.


Luke turned around and his arms went around my waist loosely. I leaned up on the tips of my toes and pressed my lips to his softly, taking a photo in the process.


“Just returning the favour,” I grinned as we pulled apart.


“Let’s get out of here,” Luke smiled tiredly as we made our way out of the zoo’s gift shop.


“I love you hat,” I teased poking the ridiculous bobbles on the penguin hat he’d just bought.


“You’re just jealous because you’re stuck with a stupid koala backpack.”


“My backpack is so much better than your hat,” I replied rolling my eyes.


“Whatever,” Luke said poking his tongue out. “Hey do you wanna go get dinner?”


“I win! But yeah dinner sounds great.”


“You most certainly don’t win; my hat is the best hands down. Do you like Mexican food?”


“I love Mexican food and yes I do win because you forfeited when you said whatever.”


“Fine, fine you win,” he laughed.


“Yes!” I cheered doing a little happy dance in the parking lot secretly hoping no one saw.


Luke drove us to a small Mexican restaurant on the boardwalk of Sydney Harbour.


“This is cute,” I smiled looking out at the view.


“I bring Calum here all the time,” he winked making me laugh.


“I don’t know how to feel about that…” I giggled looking down at the menu in front of me.


The waitress came out not long after to take our orders.


“You first,” Luke smiled.


“Uh… I’ll have the chicken Chimichanga with pink lemonade please.”


“And you sir?” the waitress asked.


“I’ll have the beef fajita with Coke please.”


“Your food will be out shortly,” the waitress replied before walking back into the kitchen.


“So… do you come here often?” I asked.


“Only with the special people,” Luke replied with a small smile.


“I’m special am I?” I asked blushing.


“Definitely,” Luke grinned.


“You’ve got to admit that was a great date,” Luke laughed.


“It was,” I replied grinning.


“We should relive that day,” Luke suggested a coy smile on his face.


“We’re not doing anything tomorrow are we?”


“Yeah, we’re going back to the zoo,” Luke beamed kissing my cheek.


“At least we’ll know where we’re going this time,” I giggled.


“I can’t believe we’re lost again,” I groaned as Luke and I sat on a park bench staring at the map.


“It’ll be right,” Luke replied. “We’ll find them eventually.”


“I swear the penguins don’t like us much, that or they’re like unicorns; they exist but you can never find them because they’re very elusive.”


Luke just laughed and turned the map around until he thought it looked right.


“It was upside down wasn’t it?” I groaned.


“Pssh, no,” Luke replied dismissively.


“Déjà vu much,” I muttered as he took my hand and we walked off again in search for the penguins.


“We’re close I can smell them!” Luke exclaimed as a strong fishy smell wafted by in the light summer breeze.


“Yuck,” I replied holding my nose from the foul smell.


“It’s not that bad.”


“Yes it is,” I said as we slowly made our way up the familiar path to the penguin enclosure.


The penguins hadn’t changed much in two years. I must admit some were fairly larger than all the others but that’s life. The tiny fairy penguins swum round and round in their pool as if they were racing like racing cars in the Grand Prix.


“Aw,” I giggled as one of the smaller penguins fell over in an attempt to get into the water. “Did you see that?” I asked turning to Luke only to find that he wasn’t there.


I turned around to see where Luke went when I spotted him kneeling in front of me with a small, navy blue velvet box in his hands. He had a small, nervous smile on his face and his long fingers fiddled with the box trying to figure out if he should open it or not. He obviously decided to open it; a gorgeous diamond ring nestled in the center of the box.


“Lanna,” Luke started nervously. “I know I talked about marriage yesterday and how I was waiting for the perfect moment. I honestly believe there could be no better moment than right now.”


I stood there in shock, tears building up in my eyes threatening to spill as Luke continued.


“I love you; I have for a while now and I couldn’t imagine my life without you. Please, will you make me the happiest man alive and say you’ll marry me?”


“Yes,” I nodding my head enthusiastically as Luke slid the beautiful ring onto my finger; the tears now falling freely from my eyes. “I love you.”


After Luke had stood up, he wrapped his arms tightly around me, my arms snaking around his neck as I reached up on my toes and kissed him softly.


The wedding was planned and arranged in three months; Luke and I saying our vows at the zoo beside the penguins.


“From this day onward, I promise to make you the happiest that you’ve ever been. I promise that I’ll support you with every opportunity that presents itself to you. I know that at the end of all the hard work we’ll make a family together, I want to be able to have children with you and make mistakes like every other couple in the world because making mistakes with you would be a privilege. I vow that I’ll always love you even if sometimes you do frustrate me because Luke, that’s what marriage is all about,” I smiled my eyes locked on Luke’s bright blue ones as he slid the wedding ring onto my finger.


“Of all the things that have happened to me such as touring the world with the boys and achieving my dreams, none of that can compare to this moment right here, right now. The moment that you say I do is the moment that I will be eternally grateful to have someone as amazing as you to spend the rest of my life with. You’re my everything and as soon as you as the words ‘I do’ I become your life and nothing could make me happier,” Luke said smiling through his silent tears of happiness as I slid the gold band onto Luke’s finger.


“Do you Lanna Lam take Luke Hemmings to be your lawfully wedded husband?” the pastor asked.


“I do,” I replied proudly.


“Do you Luke Hemmings take Lanna Lam to be your lawfully wedded wife?” the pastor asked again.


“I do,” Luke beamed.


“I now pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss the bride,” the pastor finished closing his bible.


Luke leaned in and softly pressed his lips to mine, the small crowd of family and friends behind us erupting into cheers.


“I love you Mr Luke Hemmings,” I giggled as he lightly placed kisses all over my face.


“I love you too Mrs Lanna Hemmings,” he replied cheekily leading us through the crowd of people to an awaiting golf cart we’d managed to borrow from the zoo.



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