Stranger(harry styles)


1. omegle

My hands were trembling not knowing if Niall and Liam knew the Harry I talk to online

"Crystal I would like you to meet Harry Styles" Liam pointed to Harry

As he slowly turned around I was shocked it's him

"Harry I would like you to meet Crystal Molina"

"Wait...wait...Crystal?" Harry looked at me with his jaw dropped

~4 months before ~

I was on Omegle talking to random people .At first I just wanted to talk to people.Every conversation I had with on of these strangers were ..just wow..all the guys wanted were nudes and to sext.But I'm not like that and for the girls.They were all looking for guys . I was on my 6th conversation with a stranger


You:hey there M or f? I had typed

Stranger:I'm a M and the names Harry

You:hi there Harry I'm Crystal I'm 18 wbu?

Stranger:I'm 19 and from London

You:I'm from Wolverhampton c:

Stranger:cool!Well can I have your number?

You:Sure as long as you won't ask for nudes or want to sext

Stranger:I won't I'm not like that

You:me either well here you go then

765-483-2965(<---random numbers cx)

Stranger:I'll text you

You:okay but it's pretty late I'm going to go to bed night Harry xx


-stranger has disconnected-

I threw myself on my bed and my eyes started to shut

By the time I knew it ...I was fast asleep

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