6. we love you but... we can't do this


5sos tweets that they're doing a live stream so you go on YouTube and you search up the #5SOSserioustime you wait about 40 minutes because they are late as usual then they all pop on the screen except for Luke because Luke died about a year ago


I was with my friend Breonna and we were going to a 5sos concert. Luke has been the hospital for a couple weeks and we excepted the fact that we weren't going to see him but we're happy to be able to see the rest of the boys. As we were rocking out to heartbreak girl mike gets a call and stops the song and wanders on speaker phone d: doctor M:mikey


D: hell? Mike

M: yes

D: we have some bad news luke had died last night we are very sorry

M: thank you

End of call

*end if flashback*

" hey guys it's Michael and Ashton and Callum we have something to tell you guys" mike says a bit sad. " as you know Luke died about a year ago and it's been really hard doing performances without him because we missed him too much" he said. "So we thought I would just be easier for us and for you guys if we stop" he said. "I mean not to stop tour, stop this ,stop us , stop five seconds of summer". " you guys don't know how painful this is for. All three of us but no matter how much Luke would want us to carry on with our lives and the stand we just can't do it it's too hard" Ashton said. " so to finish out the band as you know it five seconds of summer with these two songs first one is terrible things by Mayday Parade and the second one is amnesia" calum said.

*done with the 2 songs*

" we love you guys never forget that you guys were a huge seven years of our life and we love you with with all are heart and we hate to do this but it has to be done remember that we love you guys never forget that five seconds of summer is officially no longer a band #bye-byefivesecondsofsummer love you guys bye" the say in unison. I turned off my computer and just cried not only were my idols no longer a band a living their dream my idols were very unhappy and sad.

A/N : happy birthday luke comment if you liked it sorry it's sad but I'm in a sad mood bye

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