2. back from tour

Luke imagine for Brodee

Brodee pov

I was in bed asleep with my bestfriend Liz when I got a skype request from Luke. I accepted it and Luke popped up on my screen. 'Hey baby' Luke said. 'Hey' I said. 'So how's tour' I asked. 'Im not with you so bad' he replied. It's only till tomorrow you reminded him. Hey I gtg I'm tired I said. Bye love you see you tommorrow babe. He said. Love you too. I said before ending the call.

*tommorow at 1*

I had to get Luke at 2 so I got ready I put on a white crop top that said cool story bro and black highwaisted shorts. I put on my white converse and headed to the airport. Plane 33 was getting off (Luke's plane). I saw a tall boy running towards me he dropped his bags picked me up so my legs were wrapped around him he kissed me and set me down when we got home we watched movies and cuddled.

A/N~ I hope Brodee liked it

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