Pregnant with Jeff The Killer

Stacy met Jeff and the fell in love for one night. Though when Jeff had to leave her. Stacy noticed something, she was pregnant with Jeff The Killer's baby. Will Jeff find out? And if he does how will he react? But Zalgo is after the baby Will JEFF risk his life?


4. Find me, Jeff.

(Jeff's POV)

I walk into the house. "Stacy, Masky, Hoodie?" I say. No response. Only heavy breaths. I run into the living room to find Hoodie unconscious and Masky struggling for air. "I'm *breath* sorry *breath* Jeff." Masky says struggling to get every word out. "Masky, where is she?" Masky wouldn't talk. "Damn it, Masky!! Where the hell is Stacy?!?"   "Zalgo has her." Is all Masky could say before collapsing to the ground. "No!!" I say grabbing my knife. "I'm coming to kill you, Zalgo." I placed Masky and Hoodie on the couch before running out the door. "If you hurt her, I will have to kill you."  I say running to get Slender's help, tears rolling down my face.  

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