How One Thing Can Change Your Life


1. Surprise

" Don't you hate it when boyfriends can't help you with serious problems? It's so frustrating!" said one of my friends her name was Daniella. I just shrugged. I didn't know what it was like to have a boyfriend because I've never had one. My friends Margaret and Jocelyn agreed. We have another friend Tori who was still upset over her last brake-up with one of our friends. I was the new girl here just a few weeks ago but my friends made me the "leader" of the group. I looked at Tori who had started crying and I got frustrated and left the table. They know how she feels when they go on the topic of boyfriends. Tori ran after me and she knew exactly the reason why I left. We walked in silence down the hallways till my phone rang. Of course, it was a One Direction song because we absolutely love that band. " Hello?" I said into my phone. " Hello Brooklyn this is your principal come to my office.........we need to talk." " Okay" I said. Tori gave me a confused look. " That was the principal..... he wants me to go to his office for something see ya later." she just nodded and headed back. I headed towards the office with a billion thoughts running through my mind. Like was I in trouble? Or how did he get my phone number? My thoughts stopped when I reached the principals office. I knocked on the door, " Come in!" said my principal. I walked in. " You wanted to talk to me sir?" " Ahh. yes Brooklyn have a seat." he said I sat down. ", So I know how you and your friends are the most popular in this school?" " Ahh, you know how I hate me and my friends being called the most popular, but anyways continue." " As, I was saying I know how you and your friends are familiar with the boy band One Direction?" I just nodded in agreement. " Well, they are coming to do a private concert here for you guys because they saw that you guys were their biggest fans." My heart just stopped. Did I just hear him right before I knew it I was surrounded by darkness.

Author's Note

 So this will not be my last book I will have lots of other stories to come. Luv Ya!

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