The cover up

Louis and Harry are madly in love and have been since day one. Modest won't let them be in love and have to ruin an innocent girls life to keep the lie going. This is a story in Louis POV!


4. Bootcamp

Bootcamp is HARD work. It was gonna be all worth it though. I'm hopefully gonna make it to live shows, that's all I really want to do. Maybe even make it to the final three, maybe even WIN! That would be an ultimate dream!

I was standing in line, nervous as hell. Are they gonna call my name Or am I gonna go home devastated.

While standing in line I decided to talk to the people next to me. I turned to my left seeing they were already engaged in conversation with someone else. I felt someone tap my shoulder. "Hello!" A deep hot Cheshire accent said. "Well hello there!" I responded turning my head to a equally hot Cheshire boy. "I'm Harry," he said extending his hand for me to shake. "Harry Styles!" He finished. "I'm Louis, Louis Tomlinson!" I smiled actually shaking his hand. "Thank god. I thought you weren't gonna shake it after a while." He smiled whipping his forehead making me giggle. "You have a cute laugh!" He smiled. Is he flirting with me? I asked myself. "Are you flirting with me?!" I asked sarcastically. "Maybe…" he winked turning his head. The judges announced for us to stop our conversations. "Alright boys! We've got our list. The first act through to the judges houses is… (A/N sorry guys. I don't know who got through to the judges house. Sorry again. You can go look up the clip on YouTube if you want!)

As I walked off stage and couldn't help but cry. My name wasn't called. I wanted this SO badly. And I lost it.

"Cheer up Lou! No need to cry!" Harry said from behind me. "Aren't you sad Harry?" I asked hugging him tightly. "Gutted, but there's no need to cry over spilt milk! You're an amazing singer and I'm sure that if they had another spot you'd be going through!" "Thanks Harry!" I said snuffling a little holding back more tears. He moved his hands down to my hips as I snuffled again. "When your nose wiggles you look cute!" He said grabbed my nose and pinching it ever-so-slightly.

"Alright boys. Can I have you all over here please?" A member of the crew asked. Harry quickly moved his hands from my hips and started walking over. I sighed missing his hands walking over as well.

"Ok I have a list of people the judges want back on the stage." He said again. "Zayn…Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan!" Me, Harry and the rest of the boys he called looked at each other confused but walked up to the stage. "What do you think they want?" Harry whispered in my ear making me shiver. "I have no idea!" I whispered back. "Let's go see!" Harry said placing his arm around my waist but letting it fall back to his side when we got to a place people could see us. I sighed again making Harry chuckle. "Your laugh is cute!" I said wiggling my nose. "Ah, a retaliation. I like it!" Harry smiled before we stopped walking to see what they had to say.

"We've brought you nine boys and girls here for a reason, we thought that you were to talented to let go." Nicole said. "We've decided to put you in two separate groups!" Simon said.


I instantly jumped into Harry's arms and he did mine. we hugged they whole time and he lightly kissed my cheek. I pulled my beanie down over my cheeks and covered them with my hands so no one could see me blushing.

Simon was saying other stuff but I wasn't listening. I was holding Harry's hand. Given the circumstances it was alright to hold his hand. When we walked off I ask to the other lads. "So, what did he say?" Harry blushed madly and so did i. "I have no idea!" Harry said wiggling his nose. "Ah, a retaliation!" I said "I like it!" We laughed and the others looked at us like we were bad shit crazy. Well guess what? WE WERE!

"We knew each other prier to this so we have a few inside jokes!" Harry said. "Someone's PRETTY smart!" I said trying to indicate that I thought he was hot.

"You boys are gonna spend a week practicing at one of your houses. Get choosing!" One of the lads from the crew said. "We could go to my house!" Harry said. "Yeah!" Zayn said. "Cool!" Liam said "yeah buddy!" A little Irish boy yelled from behind me. "Oh I didn't even know you where there! Sorry mate! Yeah I'm game!" I smiled. "I'm Harry by the way!" Harry said shaking our hands. "Louis!" I said shaking their hands. "Zayn Malik!" Zayn smiled "Liam Payne!" Liam said. "I'm Niall Horan! It's nice to meet you!" Niall said shaking my hand first. Harry got really jealous and I held his hand letting him know it was alright and we went off to go call our moms and dads.

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