Romance and hate.

I'm really good friends with the One Direction boys but once I started dating Louis the tables turned. Harry, Liam, Niall and Zayn got very angry with Louis. They might even kick him out of the band!
What will happen? Read to find out!!


4. Later that afternoon.

Later, we began to eat dinner. No one spoke. Tell finally Me and Louis left the table.

<><><>Harry's POV<><><>

"so guys have you heard about Louis and Courtney being a 'thing'?" I asked   They all nodded. 

"What are we going to do about it? I know we all want Courtney for ourselves but we need to get Louis and Courtney to be over." I say.

"But Harry, ain't that mean? We could hurt her by doing this." Zayn says. "We have to do something about Louis." Niall says. "How about we kick him from One Direction?" Liam request. "Yeah that's a wonderful idea!" We all say at once. 

<><><>Courtney's POV<><><>

While the other boys were still eating me and Louis decided to watch a movie. Louis and I watched the movie with me laying in his lap. But every now and then we would here the boys talking. Though it was mostly blocked out by the sound of the movie. I just wish I could have heard what they were talking about. 

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