Romance and hate.

I'm really good friends with the One Direction boys but once I started dating Louis the tables turned. Harry, Liam, Niall and Zayn got very angry with Louis. They might even kick him out of the band!
What will happen? Read to find out!!


1. Hanging out with the boys.

"Urge!! You beat me again, Courtney!" Harry whined. "Well don't lose next time, Harry." I said. 

"It's kinda hard with you being really good at this game." Harry said. "Hey guys I'm home!" Louis yelled walking through the front door. "Hey Louis!!" Me and Harry said at the same time, to focused on playing a racing game. Only to fail again.....miserably. "You are the gaming queen!! I give up!!" Harry said bowing. "Haha. Harry, are you jelly?" I aske poking him in the ribs. "Why would I be jealous?" Harry asked. "I don't know.....maybe because...." I jumped off the couch and yelled, "IM THE BEST AT RACING CARS AND YOU DRIVE LIKE A GIRL!!" Harry stood up. "Tsh, tsh, tsh. Didn't you're mama ever tell you never to yell in the house? You naughty girl. Bad girls like you need a punishment." Harry said having a smirk come across his face. "Yeah what are you going to do about it?" "This." He said before tickling me. "Stop Harry!! Stop!! It tickles!! You're going to make die of laughter!!" I scream, trying to squirm free. "Ok but you owe me something." "Oh really? What's that?" "Hmm....a kiss." He says with a smile only Harry could do. "Come here then." I leaned closer to kiss him on the cheek. "No not there. Here." He said pointing to his lips. "You're kidding, right?" He shook his head. I sighed and lean in. He kissed me. It wasnt a short kiss either. He wouldn't let go of me. He pulled me closer and closer. Until finally Liam broke the silence. "Um guys? Could you please not make out in the leaving room." I blushed at what Liam said. "Liam we weren't making out. It's just Harry won a kiss so he got it." "Yeah ok. Love birds. Smooch smooch smooch." Liam made kiss noises then Zayn and Niall joined in. Then finally Louis said "Courtney, come here for a second please." 

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