Not Now Not Ever

Hi my name is Kathlynn and I am the youngest out of the five of me and my sisters we are best friends with 5sos and 1D our life may seem easy to some people but really it isn't easy at all

What does she mean it's not easy at all? What will happen to the five sisters? Read Not Now Not Ever to find out


7. oh my god

*Calums P.O.V*

Me and the boys were talking about our show tonight when Kat came running back.It looked like she was mad and like she had been crying.She sat down ad I hugged her tightly."What's wrong babe?" I asked. "I-it's nothing" she said wiping the remnants of the tears off of her face. if Angie had anything to do with this she is gonna get it. I just carefully watched kat until we got home and she went to bed. Kathlynn knew I wanted her wt the show but because of Angie she didn't come. When I see her I am gonna beat the hell out of her.

*Angie's P.O.V*

I was smart and had gotten tickets and backstage passes to the boys show. I love Calum and I want him back that slut stole him from me. I didn't even get to have sex with Cal. I had sex with 5 other boys while we were dating. Ummm I shouldn't really tell him that. After the shoe ended I got in the line backstage and made sure I got plenty ahead so I could get this over quick. When it was my turn only Luke was looking at me.

*luke's P.O.V*

Oh my god I can't believe she's here. "Ash mikey" I whisper. they look up and jump back. "Calum how about we go get something to drink." Ash said. Nice one he won't think to look at her. But of course Cal being a goody two-shoes he says first lets meet the next person. He looks up stops smiling . "YOU" is all he says before he walks really fast towards her. Oh Shit he's gonna get her.


Hi guys I am so very sorry I am behind it is just school and softball and chores and I am gonna try and update loads for y'all luv u all

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