Last One Standing

Haha. Those bullies will learn. Haha. Their blood on my hands. Tick Tock your time is up!

Dark Shadow's Back Story


2. The Mistake

I walk into the school, still clutching my side. I fall to the ground. "Hey are you ok?" A guy says holding out his hand. I grab it and he pulls me up. "You look like you got hurt." He said looking at the blood on my hoodie. "Let me help you." He said lifting up my hoodie where I had my white tank top on. He looked at the big red spot on my right side. "You're hurt bad." He said putting my hoodie back on me. "Yeah I noticed." I said pretty weakly. "Well maybe I can fix that." He said pulling me into a kiss. Man, this guy is nice. "What the hell are you doing, Logan?" Yelled Sarah. "It's not what it looks like!! She kissed me!!" He said. "You bitch!!" She screamed before smacking my face. "Keep your ugly ass away from my boyfriend."

*RRIINNGG* that was the bell time to go to Gym class. *sigh* This is going to be a long day.

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