Last One Standing

Haha. Those bullies will learn. Haha. Their blood on my hands. Tick Tock your time is up!

Dark Shadow's Back Story


3. Speechless

I ran to gym class. It's just my luck. That bitch, Sarah, is in here too. Her and her friends keep staring at me. The class finally starts. "I need to helpers." He said. He choose me and Sarah to get the Bows and arrows. Sarah got the bows while I got the arrows. I was about to exit but someone grabbed me. It wasnt Sarah. They covered my mouth with a cloth. "You're going to be my bitch." The voice says. I turn around to see Scott, Logan, Seth and Dalton standing there. They pull me into the supplie closet. Scott takes off my hoodie. Dalton takes my tank top off and Logan started doing bad things to me and Seth recorded it all. "Haha this will be good for the whole school to see!" Seth says. Logan then starts to try's to do something even worse but I kick him in his balls. "Get the fuck away from me!" I scream. "Haha we got a angry one. I like them like that." He pins me against the wall. "Today you're mine." He says attempting to do it again this time Scott holds me back. Then Logan throws me to the floor. "Slut." He says walking away with the rest of his guys. Leaving me there, crying. 

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