In Time Gone By

Deep in the Department of Mysteries, there is a room devoted to Time. A bird that continues the endless cycle of hatching and returning to its egg. And a glass cabinet, in which are stored the instruments needed to turn time back...

When a student of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry obtains a rare permit to use a time-turner, the Headmaster entrusts it to the Potions Master, Severus Snape, for safekeeping. As he sees it there, on his desk, he also relives the worst moment of his life, and realises that he holds the very thing he needs to prevent a murder and make his dearest wish come true. But the laws are there for a reason...


3. Chapter Two

Chapter Two



The offending students looked up, hiding a fake wand and a tangled handful of Extendable Ears behind their backs. Snape glowered at them, and then, 'Ten points from Gryffindor!'
He would have left it at that, had he not caught sight of Harry's face. He was wearing a pained, martyr-like expression, and that, along with the slight shrug of his shoulders, enraged Snape, and he exploded, 'TWENTY POINTS FROM GRYFFINDOR POTTER, AND DETENTION EVERY EVENING THIS WEEK!' 
The sanctimonious expression slid off Harry's face, and Snape allowed himself a satisfied sneer. He then continued, 'If I do not see exactly twenty-eight essays on the magical properties of Bezoars by Wednesday, I will deduct points from the necessary houses, do I make myself clear!'
The students trudged out of the dungeon, and he saw Hermione was scolding both boys viciously. As soon as they had gone, he sat at his desk and shut his eyes. Why they couldn't just LISTEN for once, he did not know, but hopefully fourteen hours of disembowelling horned toads would wipe the smug grin off Potter's face.  Potter. So like his obnoxious father. But, then he saw again Potter's face as he had run away the last night, his eyes. Lily's eyes. His hand starting shaking, but he formed it into a fist, his fingernails digging into the skin and drawing blood. No. He would not think of her. No, he had promised himself. But he saw her again, lying there, her copper hair fanning out over the floor, her lifeless eyes staring up, unseeing. A single tear fell onto the desk and he slowly opened his eyes. She was gone now, he had arrived too late, and there was nothing he could do about it. Then, he saw something shining on his desk. The little golden hourglass. He reached out and held it up by its fragile chain. Then, slowly his face cleared and he began to laugh, a crazy laugh, so utterly mad that it scared even him. Do I dare? The light filtering through the stained-glass window of the dungeon shone on the Time-Turner, and he knew. He knew that he had to try. For her. For Lily.

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