In Time Gone By

Deep in the Department of Mysteries, there is a room devoted to Time. A bird that continues the endless cycle of hatching and returning to its egg. And a glass cabinet, in which are stored the instruments needed to turn time back...

When a student of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry obtains a rare permit to use a time-turner, the Headmaster entrusts it to the Potions Master, Severus Snape, for safekeeping. As he sees it there, on his desk, he also relives the worst moment of his life, and realises that he holds the very thing he needs to prevent a murder and make his dearest wish come true. But the laws are there for a reason...


5. Chapter Four

Chapter Four



He walked over to the far end of the room, to a large cupboard, remembering that this had once been a storeroom when Slughorn taught Potions. Which, of course, was now. He was not disappointed; there were six shelves brimming with neatly labeled ingredients. He quickly gathered up what he needed and picked up a small pewter cauldron to carry it all in. It would be child's play to mix this potion, made easier using the Time-Turner to speed it up. But he needed a safe place to brew it in. Somewhere in the castle. Then, he thought back to his first year. He had been running to escape from James, and had come across a small room on the seventh floor, just the right size for him to hide in. When he went back to look for it again, he never found it. If nobody knew of this room,  maybe he could store the potion there. He cast a quick Disillusionment Charm on himself and the cauldron, and then walked out into the corridor. The students were milling around outside, with rather blank faces. Snape smiled. They would never remember him. He strode off, taking care not to bump into anyone, and started up a staircase. The seventh floor corridor was where he remembered it, and still he saw no room. He walked up to check, but it was not there. He stepped back to allow a group of first-years access to the empty classroom on his right, and then thought of the time. Maybe, it only appears at a certain time. He was going to wait there until it did. But as it got late, a trickle of doubt entered his mind. It may not be there any more. And he'd need a bigger room than that, anyway, and a potions lab. He began pacing up and down the corridor, thinking of where else he could go. Then, suddenly, he saw a door in the wall. He stopped, looked around, and then opened the door and slipped inside. It was dark, and he felt around for the wall he knew was about a half-meter in front of him, but instead his fingers brushed against something soft. He felt around it. A bed. If only he could see better, a little light would come in handy. Then, as he thought that, a whole boxload of candles lit up around the room, and he froze. The room was huge, and there was a potions lab in one corner. A bed to sleep in. A bathroom. A shelf of books. A set of self-stirring cauldrons. His jaw dropped as he read the spines of the books. Advanced Potion-Making, Potions Moste Potente, The Standard Book of Potions Grade Six. He sat down heavily on the bed. It was too good to be true. 

It took days to make a potion that should have taken months,  and every time he thought of something else he needed, it appeared in the room. When the potion was done, he opened the door and peered out. The corridor was empty. He performed a quick Summoning Charm, and a small hair floated around the corner. He snatched it out of the air, and shut the door. He siphoned a small part of the cauldron into a phial, and added the hair. The potion turned a yellowish-green colour, and he gulped it down when it stopped fizzing. He felt as if someone had melted him, and was moulding him into a different shape, and he gasped for breath. Then, as it stopped, he looked up shakily at the mirror, to see who he was. A scared Hufflepuff in a set of huge black robes stared back at him. He sighed. Now he needed a pair of small Hufflepuff robes and a bag to carry his things in. And a travelling cloak. As he pulled on the tiny robes, the potion that was left separated itself into six bottles, and he packed his clothes and cloak into the bag. The time-turner still hung around his neck, so he Disillusioned it. It wouldn't do for a teacher to see that. He put the potion bottles in the bag, and thought up some food for the journey. As he stepped out of the room, he saw the Hufflepuff standing in the corridor, and stunned him. As he dragged him into the room, he told it, 'You will become an empty classroom for him and let him out in six hours.'
He wasn't taking any chances.


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