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Ok,so since I haven't done much Marvel/DC movellas lately,I have decided to make a...SUPERHERO IMAGINE MOVELLA!!!! This idea has been stuck in my head for quite a while now,but I have decided to publish it today (6/1/14) ;3


4. Want You (Cambie X Dick Grayson)

Cambie brushed her hands together after easily beating up some crooks. The Knight of Shadows can easily beat some regular people just stealing JEWELS. Honestly,Cambie thought. Do these crooks just wanna look fabulous?

Then she heard some clapping behind her. "A job well done,Miss Shadownight,"he said. Cambie knew who this was.

"Thank you,Grayson,"she replied,back turned.

"No need to thank me,"she heard he smile in his voice. "I can't help saying it to a girl as pretty as you."

Cambie turned. "You know very well I don't permit men in my life,Richard,"she said. "I've already had my experience"

"You're right,"he sighed. "Don't accept any guys...but me"

"I'll tell you what,"she smirked. "I'll leave this to a battle:if you win,you get what you want. If I win...well..." Dick simply nodded and smiled.

Then they took their battle stances. Dick took the first blow,but Cambie easily dodged it and kicked him. He winced a bit,but threw some birdarrangs at Cambie,sticking her to the wall.

"Given up yet,princess?,"he said as he got closer to her face.

"I'm not a princess,"Cambie stated,ripping herself off the wall and pushing Robin down. "I'm a knight."

"Good job,"Robin sighed as she got her foot off him and walked away. But Cambie grabbed his cape.

"What?,"he asked,raising an eyebrow.

"Did I tell you WHAT I wanted?,"Cambie wrapped her arms around his neck.


"Well,"she said,pressing her lips onto his. He smiled and tilted his head to the right a little and wrapped his arms around her. When the pulled away,Cambie finished her sentence, "I wanted you."

Here Cambie!!! Sorry for the bad battle scene;I'm usually not good a these XD Anyways,bye bye!! (For Dannita Cambie Shadownight)


Mina (because Mira didn't dare write about Robin with another girl XP)

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