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Ok,so since I haven't done much Marvel/DC movellas lately,I have decided to make a...SUPERHERO IMAGINE MOVELLA!!!! This idea has been stuck in my head for quite a while now,but I have decided to publish it today (6/1/14) ;3


2. Making Cupcakes ((Becca and Wally))

It was just a normal day for the team. The sun was shining,the birds were singing,Burn was taking DNA samples of Robin...everything was absolutely normal...But something was wrong with Mina. She was running around,panicking,and everyone heard her;she was screaming telepathically.

Everyone ran into her room,thanks to Robin hacking into the room's slide-open tech doors. "What's going on?!,"Connor screamed over the noise,telepathically,since their minds were connected. Mina stopped. "Sorry guys,"she said. "Just TOTALLY forgot about something that's gonna get me fired." Mira blinked. "WHOA WHOA WHOA Wait up!,"she yelled. "Since when did you have a job?" Everyone sighed. Mina has ALWAYS mentioned her job as a first-class maid,but,like always,Mira was the immature one who never paid much attention. Dick explained,which summed up to Mira fangirling. "I know,my job's amazing,"Mina said,stopping her sister. "But the family REALLY wants cupcakes. So I promised cupcakes. But one,I have none of the stuff. And two,I forgot the recipe!!!" Becca immediately looked at Wally,signaling for him to do what they always did in these situations. Wally dashed out,then back in with everything. "GOT DA STUFF!!!!,"he yelled. Mina had tears in her eyes,filled with joy,which quickly dissolved in her eyes,due to the reason that is to be explained once I finish ranting. "Thanks,but...I won't finish it in  time,"she said. "Don't worry, Mi,"Becca patted the redhead's back. "Wally and I will make 'em." "We will?!,"Wally explained. "Ya wanna get hit with this pretty thing,Wallace?,"Becca said,holding up her fist. He backed up,making everyone laugh.

~Time Skip~ 

"ALL DONE!,"Becca said cheerfully,taking the delicious cupcakes out of the oven. "Wait,Becs,"Wally said,studying the cupcakes. 'Somethin's missing. " "Hello,Meagan!,"Becca hit her head on the side with her hand on her hip. "The frosting!" She immediately looked at Wally,knowing that the frosting would be the best part.

At first,everything was calm. They were just using the frosting for the right purpose:cupcakes. But while Becca frosted the last cupcake,she felt something creamy splatter all over her apron. She slowly turned her head to find Wally,smiling with a tube of frosting pointed right at her.

They had absolutely no idea how long the fight had lasted,but it felt like forever,considering they used up all the frosting. They jumped on tables,his behind couches..even slightly messed up the TV(Mira wasn't going to like that...). They broke a few plates and cups and once they were out of ammo,the place was a mess.

"Wally..?"Becca panted while they were on the couch. "That was epic." He smiled,"I know..but shouldn't we clean this up?" Becca nodded. "Maybe later."

They took the cupcakes to Mina as soon as they finished resting and cleaning up and hiding evidence of the fight even taking place. By the time Mina saw it,she fangirled,"OHTHANKYOUSOMUCHILOVEYOUIREALLYOWEYOUBIGTIMENOWAAAAAAAAHHHH!"

"Woah,woah,woah,Firegirl,"Wally said "Calm down."

"Oh! And I only did this to give you guys some more quality time,"she giggled. "Thanks for the cupcakes!"

And THAT resulted in a wild chase after a girl with firefeet.

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