Dessiah James is an 16 year old boy who gets bullied all the time. He is depressed and doesn't have a reason to live, not until he met Adrian.


1. Introduction


My name is Dessiah James. I have dark brown hair that is almost black. I am also short for my age. I have average grades and I am also skinny and pale. You could say I am an average person. Except for one thing.

My eyes. They are the one thing that ruined everything. My left eye is an icy gunmetal blue, and my right eye is an emerald green. My eyes are the reason I am not normal, the reason I have been bullied all of my life. They have caused all the scars on my body from past beatings and from me. One little thing ruined all of me. I have never had friends; I never had someone to call family, for my parents hated me, too. They always called me a freak or a mistake.

I never felt loved or cared for. I have lost my reason to live, for when I die, my existence on earth will also disappear. No tear will be shed and no heart will be broken from my disapperance. I am not considered human because of my mismatched eyes.

My mismatched eyes made me different. They made me something that I can't change.

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