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My daughter has become obsessed with this 'emo cult' band?

I have a fourteen year old daughter who has recently been talking about a new band she has discovered called 'My Chemical Romance'. She spoke about the singer, Gerald Way, in such a way that seemed she was obsessed with him, which naturally made me suspicious. Any man who can cause a teenage girl to become that obsessed with him obviously has hidden intentions.

Upon researching this band on 'Google', I discovered that they are part of what is called an 'emo suicide cult'. This cult is naturally led by the lead singer Mr. Way, which explains his unnatural abilities to charm young girls into worshipping him. Obviously this made me extremely concerned about my daughter, since it seems a number of young people have already joined this cult, and partaken in rituals involving self-harm and wearing vast amounts of black face make-up. I do not want my daughter to be involved in this, and I certainly do not want her to commit suicide after discovering the subliminal messages in this band's music.

So, because I am so concerned, the other day I stood outside her bedroom door while she was listening to this ghastly breed of emo rock music she has become so fascinated with. Some of the lyrics of this music were absolutely shocking. In the song she was listening to, this Mr. Gerald Way was singing "I am not afraid to keep on living, I am not afraid to walk this world alone".

Naturally, I am completely appalled that my daughter is being exposed to such terribly shocking music, which is obviously encouraging her to commit suicide. So I ask of you today, has anyone else had a similar experience with one of their children becoming an 'emo'? How did you cure them of this foul, disgusting, life-threatening disease? Please help quickly, I do not want my daughter's mind to be infiltrated by this filth for a second longer!

Best Answer (Chosen by Asker)

Now that she has listened to a song, there isn't much choice you have. Soon she will be pulled in further and further, so you have to act fast. You should search her room for any Satan symbols as emo cult can also encourage worshipping the Devil, and if you find any burn them straight away. If you can, try and feed her a lot more lettuce as it encourages spiritualness and a pure heart. Lettuce is very key so try to sneak it in as many meals as you can.


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