The challenge


5. 3

Isabel P.O.V

So we just read the piece of paper that my mom and dad had made for us. Jay and I are going to face time if they have a laptop at our new home for the year.We started to walk to the door and we saw a man holding a board with our names on. I walked up to him and said that I think he is looking for us he gave me a smile and said then let's go. We followed him out and he lead us to a limo, we got in and he started driving. It was very quiet and then I said can we put on some music, the man said yes then turned on the radio and put the volume up. The song on that was on was SAY YOU'RE JUST A FRIEND I start to sing it and dance to it like a crazy girl , we started to laugh and so did the driver. The song ended and I asked the driver for his name he said his name was DAVID. then I said one more thing, David said what is it, then I asked him "do you think I am crazy?". "Jay said yes, you are" he then laughed and said yes but in the cool way we all just laugh and talked for the rest of the way. Then the limo stopped and David got out and then opened the door. THEN I said "who lives in that big big house?" David said SIMON. we got out and we saw a man by the door David led us to the man that was Simon. He said "hi girls you will be staying with me for a year so let me sow you a round". We said ok then said good bye to David. WE then walked in and Simon and he showed us the living room, my favorite room the kitchen, the game room and a tv room. Then we went up stairs. Simon then told us that he had one of his clients was staying with him. I said that is cool then we stopped at a door he then said "Jayleen this is your room" and the door next door is your Isabel. We said thank you and see you later. We then walked in to are own room. My room was a sky blue and a green on my walls and a big bed that was on my sky blue wall and two night stands next to my bed and a new laptop was on one of the night stands and a new phone. Then I walked up to a door in my room and opened it it was the bathroom ,it was so big I walked out then walked up to another door, I opened it was a walk in closet. I got up of the bed that was so soft and walked out and walked up to jay's door and opened it and said "let's go explore" as I turned around a guy in stripes runs in to me making me fall and hit my head. Then a blond guy ran up to the guy that ran in to me and grabbed the bag of chips that was in his hand then they asked" who are you guy's ?" I said "who are you" they said we are from ONE DIRECTION. I said "who is that?" they gave me a confused look and asked " you don't know who we are?" I said ''no'' and can you get off of me you are not that light he said "sorry" and got off of me. Then they said" tell us your names" I said ok but jay help me up I was rubbing my head and Jay just burst out laughing. I then said you're a big help then Simon and 3 other guys came up to us and asked what happened I said he ran in to me and made me hit my head and I pointed at the guy that ran in to me. I all so said it in a baby voice. Then the one I ran in to said I think she hit her head hard because she doesn't now who ONE DIRECTION is and was pointing at me I then said get your finger out of my face be for you lose it he than ran behind the curled haired guy and said she is scary. Jay finely helped me up and then we told then are names and they started telling us there. The one that ran in to me name was Louis the blond one name was Niall then the curly haired one name was Harry and the other two wear Liam and Zayn. We then went down stairs we all got hungry so we walked to the kitchen and looked for food but there was nothing good so we all sat down and I said I am still hungry and Niall said me two. So Zayn said let get some thing to eat we all said ok and started to walk out then I said should we tell Simon where we are going then Liam said I will text him that we went out to eat. We walked up to the car and I said we do not fit then Harry said yes we do. Liam got in the drivers seat then Niall in the passengers set then Harry ,Louis and Zayn in the back and Louis sat in the middle then I hade to sit on Zayn's lap and jay sat on Harry lap it felt weird siting on his lap. Then I said this is not safe then Harry said how I said we are not wearing seat belts then Harry said ok then grabbed jay wast and Zayn did the same thing then Louis said are you happy now. I looked at him the said yes because I so like to sit on some ones lap that I barely knows and having him huge me so yes I am happy Louis . Louis looked at me and said ok good I then smacked him in the head and said maybe that will help make you smarter. Then every one bust out laughing. We finally got There. It was McDonald We got are food and sat down then some girls walked up to the guys and asked if they can have a autograph they said yes and they all so tock a picture then they asked us who is are boy friend me and jay look at each other and look at then and told then that we are jest their friends they said ok then Louis said that what you say now I turned a round and smacked him in the head the little girl laughed and said the same thing and walked off. All the guys jest bust out laughing. When we finished eating the food I said I want ice cream so we got up and got ice cream in a cone then we walked out ant a lot of girls ran up to us and the guys grabbed me and jay and started running my ice cream fell when they grabbed me I told Zayn because he was the one that grabbed me when we got mobbed and he said I will get you one ok I said ok then I said can we stop running they all said NO I the said why the all said keep running or no ice cream and we kept running till we got to a alley and the girls ran bye. Then the said now let get back me and jay said but are feet hurt then Zayn said get on my back and Harry told jay the same thing we got on there backs and we i mean the guys walked back on are way home Zayn made Liam stop at the store when he got back he had ice cream and cones. We got home and we walked to the tv room and we sat down with are ice creams. We put one PITCH PERFECT I fell asleep during the move. I woke up by some one picking me up it was Louis he said go back to sleep I did fall back to sleep. I woke up to Harry ,Louis jumping on my bed and Niall playing his guitar I screamed at them to get out it was barely 9:00 the did not leave then I grabbed Louis by the foot and made him fall then I told Harry if he did not stop I would cut all his hair and told Niall to leave or I would tack all of his food the all stopped and said not a morning person and ran out i think they went to jays room because then I heard her scream. I woke up one more time but it was 12:00 this time I got up and washed my face and brushed my teeth then walked out at the same time as Zayn walked out of his room that was right in front of mine. He saw me and said how long have you bin up I said jest got up he said the guys did not try and wake you I said yes but I scared then out he then laughed and we started walking down. Every one was up but me and Zayn we walked to the kitchen and got cereal. We finished eating so we walked to the living room where every one was then they said lets go to get all of your stuff I said ok but first store I am changeling in. Simon said hear is the money and gave me and jay each a wallet withe a cared and money. We got in the car and sat the same as yesterday we got to the mall and got off. We walked in and lots of people stopped and looked at us some gave us mean looks I stud in between Louis and Liam. Then we walked in to a store and we get lots of stuff I then changed in to some thing that I jest got. So did jay. Then Niall said I am hungry so we went to the food court.

I know there is a lot off errors.

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