The challenge


4. 2

Jayleen's P.O.V

This all happened to soon. I was gonna miss my family and friends most of all. Atleast I had my best friend with me through all this. I know I should be happy and excited and I am a little , but its just weird having to move to a different country with different lifestyles, butbthe best thing is that we are going to London. Isabel and I have been dying to go there and now we finally cannthat was one thing I am looking forward to.Right now me and Issy are listening to music. She ofcourse is listening to Austin Mahone and Jb.I am more of and indie type of music person so I am listening to Blue Jeans by Lana Del Ray. I'm deadly afraid of planes and I have never beenon one before and earlier Isabel was jut laughing at me while I was dying and having a panic attack.

Isabel's P.o.v

Me and Jay are listening to music. The pilot says we will be landing in a couple of minutes am excited. Some lady comes up to us with a piece of paper and it has the words "The Challenge" on it. I look at jay and then back at the piece of paper then the lady she said open it when you get of the plan. I said ok. when we got of the plain I got the piece of paper out and opened it. It said thank you for being in the challenge and hope you have a good year with your new home for that year so have fun and do not kicked out or we are not going to pay for your new home we love you both so stay safe and take care of each other. Do not for get to call us every day or when you have the time. Love you bye.

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