The challenge


3. 1

Isabel's P.O.V

Saturday Morning me and Jay were upstairs in my room because she slept over. We were listening to music and dancing on the bed, when we hear my mom shout to come downstairs. We race down and Jay trips and falls like always because she's clumsy, she then grabs my leg and brings me down with her. We roll down the stairs and our parents start looking at us and laughing, We then join in and laugh. My dad shuts us up and says " So you know how you girls have been planning to move out?". "Yeaa", we both reply. "Well now you can.. but we have a challenge for you ,and if you win we'll pay for everything". We both scream "Yay!!,, but what's the challenge?" we ask eager to know.'' There is a challenge going around all over the world were parents send their kids to different countries to live with strangers for a year, you have to li ve under their rules and if you get kicked out you lose everything we're are going to give you. We don't know who you are staying with or where you're going to go. " What can we take with us?", we ask. "Change into comfortable clothes now because you're leaving and take your phones.We Nodded and went upstairs to change in to this. Jay's outfit. my outfit. We then text and call all our friends and family and say goodbye. We go downstairs and say our goodbyes to our parents. We were pretty sad that we had to leave all toon soon but we had to stay strong and try to have some fun.

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