Their frozen love

so this is alissa, she loves the winter and she loves kids especially her litter brother mike, one day she finds herself believing in magic such as the tooth fairy, easter bunny, sand man, santa clause, and the one and only jack frost. so what happens if she gets the attention of the trouble making jack frost read and find out


3. the upset

unknown: im ronny and i called you to inform you about your mother

i quickly interupted him and said

me: what about my mom, is she ok!?

ronny; im sorry but your mother has died in a terrible fire and all we found as a trail of black sand leading out of your house


well that didnt take long for a fire to burst into my heart and crumble up slowley. i started balling my eyes out and then i fell to the cold snowey ground. micheal came rushing over to me in a panick.

" WHATS WRONG ARE YOU OK!!??'' he shouted

i told him everything that happend and i can see that he is either going to burst out in a blanket of tears orrrrr throw up.

 but he did neither he and he just stood there staring at the ground and then he fell over with a shocked look on his face and i felt his pulse


and then i noticed a black arrow made of sand behind his back

i started crying and crying and oh guess what! more crying and then i screamed and dug my face up to his sweater WHY THIS CNT BE REAL WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME!?!

 then an amulance came and rushed up to him and told me he had some kind of problem with his heart

but for some reason part of me does'nt believe that becasue my mother and him died on the same day with trails of black sand near them. but where did that sand come from? or who did that sand come from?


a/n HELLLOOO so uhm yesh jack frost will come up soon

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