Their frozen love

so this is alissa, she loves the winter and she loves kids especially her litter brother mike, one day she finds herself believing in magic such as the tooth fairy, easter bunny, sand man, santa clause, and the one and only jack frost. so what happens if she gets the attention of the trouble making jack frost read and find out


1. alissa!

ok so yeah this is me Alissa

name- alissa winter B

age - 17

personality- kind but somewhat has an attitude, bubbly, energetic, careing and always loves to have fun

siblings- none

likes- the winter, snow, and micheal also to have fun

dislikes- some people who think that they need to be someone else

beliefs ;) - tooth fairy, santa clause, the easter bunny, sandman, and the one and only jack frost

looks - mid back brown hair, sweet choclate brown eyes, sorta tan, nice figure, height 5'3

birthday- jan 3 1997


A/n so basicaly i just explained the main character and ill get to the story NOW!!!





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