The Missing Hutcherson

Emma was abandoned as a child. Never knew her family. Until she was eleven years old. She finds her new family and loves them. But things are not perfect. It actually seems as if everything has gone down hill ever since she came home.


11. You Idiot

Emma's POV

I suggest to Danielle that she should just sleep in my room until Connor regains his memory. And then I realize my mistake.

The first night is living hell.

Oh so much screaming and crying. And that's just when she's asleep. When she wakes up it gets worse. I'm gonna kill if he doesn't regain his memory. Because I can't deal with this forever.

At around two in the morning, I've had enough. I barge into Connor's room and he just glares at me. Totally not the brother I've know for the past months.

"What do you want?" He grumbles.

"I want my brother back. I want you to remember being with her. Because even if it was a little nauseas, she is killing herself in there. And that's just when she's sleeping!" I just get a blank stare.

"I'm sorry Emma, but I don't remember. When it comes back, I'll be sure to tell you. Now get out."

"Not until you get her out of my room." I stand my ground.

"It's fine. I can sleep on the couch. Thanks though." Danielle says from behind me. She kisses my forehead and walks downstairs with a pillow in hand.

"You're not even gonna help your best friend?" I ask.

"Not until I figure everything out. Now goodnight Emma."

I roll my eyes and go back to bed. In the morning I hear my screaming.

"Connor get your ass down here!" I follow Connor.

"Yes?" Connor asks. Mom almost smacks him.

"Why the hell is your pregnant girlfriend sleeping on the couch?!"

"Emma kicked her out of her room!"

"No I didn't!" I deny.

"She is suppose to be sleeping with you Connor." Mom hisses.

"But we are not dating God dammit!"

"Connor-" Danielle starts softly, but is cut off.

"Stay out of this you whore!"

Danielle is in tears, but she looks more angry then sad. "I never want to see you again. Stay away from me and my child." She hisses. And then she runs out of the house. I didn't even notice she had gotten dressed.

"Aren't you going to go after her?!" I shout.

"No. Why should I?"

"She's eight months pregnant with your child, you've been best friends basically since birth! That's every reason to go after her!" Josh shouts from behind him.

"Stay out of it J-" Josh cuts him off by slapping the hell out of him. Right across the face.

"Snap out of it! You've been a asshole ever since you woke up! You don't know how much she suffered for you!" He yells right in his face.

"She's the reason I hate my life! She's the reason Lacy cheated on me, she's the reason Emma got kidnapped, she's-"

"Connor, that was three years ago! You have both moved on. You need to get back with the times and go apologize." Josh says steadily.

"I don't remember Josh! All I can remember is how much pain she has brought me!"

"Boys calm down!" Mom snaps. They shut up. "I don't care what you remember. We are going to go find her right now. Get in the car!"

They obey, grumbling. I hope she didn't get too far.

Danielle's POV

"Stupid, fucking idiot. Asshole is what he is." I say under my breath, tears streaming down my face. I gave him everything and this is how he repays me. He called me a fucking whore!

I just keep walking. I come upon a friends house and knock on the door. He opens the door. Jerod Williams, on the soccer team, one of Connor's closest friends. Also one of mine.

"What's wrong?"

"Connor's an asshole," I expect him to turn away, slam the door in my face. Bros before hoes. But he lets me in.

"What'd he do?"

"Well after he woke up he's forgotten everything after freshman year. And he acts like I'm a bitch. Blames me for everything. Won't accept the fact that we are dating and it's his child. Even had the nerve to call me a whore." I rant.

He starts counting down from five with his fingers and I give him a confused look, then when he gets to one his phone rings and he smirks.

"Connor, knew you would call. What's up buddy. It's been awhile, I've missed ya." I can hear Connor on the other side.

"Cut the bullshit, is she there or not?"

"If you're talking about your pregnant girlfriend, then yes. But if you're talking about a pregnant whore who you hate, then she's not here."


"Connor." He mocks.

"Fine. I'm looking for my "girlfriend"."

"Then come on over." Jerod smiles. Then ends the phone call. "He's on his way." He tells me. I nod.

"I'm not a lost puppy," I mumble.

"No, but you're about as vulnerable as one." I almost smacked him.

A couple minutes later Connor comes up and knocks on the door. Jerod opens it and I stand behind him. Connor looks at me and sighs.

"That was childish," He says.

"Why'd you call me a whore?" I ask instead.

"I apologize for that. I was mad. I'm confused. But you didn't deserve that. Now come on."

"Do you really believe I'm a whore?" My bottom lip is now quivering.

"No, I don't." He sighs. Then it's silence as he just stares at me.

"Hug her now, or I'll do it myself." Jerod chimes in.

Connor starts moving forward and I just run into his arms. He makes an "oof" sound as he steadies us, so we won't fall. I then proceed to cry into his shoulder.

"I'm sorry," He says softly.

"I just want my Connor back." I say quietly.

"I do too. Trust me, I do too." He whispers.

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