The Missing Hutcherson

Emma was abandoned as a child. Never knew her family. Until she was eleven years old. She finds her new family and loves them. But things are not perfect. It actually seems as if everything has gone down hill ever since she came home.


10. Wait.....What?!

Danielle's POV

Three months. That's how long I've sat in this hospital room, holding Connor's hand, talking to him, going insane.

Three months. He hasn't woken up. Hasn't moved a bit. The doctors are considering taking him off life support in another month or so. Say it would be the best thing. I don't agree. Not one bit.

Three months. I've been losing hope. And if he doesn't wake up, I will lose all hope. I will have no will to live. Besides the baby, but he/she will only remind me more of Connor. I cannot go without Connor. I won't.

I've been having to go to school every other day. It sucks. So many sad, pitiful looks and disgusted gazes. What sucks the most is that Connor isn't by my side, like he's always been.

The soccer team sucks. They've only had one game, and they lost very quickly. I've also watched them practice. They're pathetic.

And I've lost all my school spirit. And me being pregnant also helped me lost the captain position. But I don't give a shit anymore. I just want Connor to wake up. That's all I ask for.

Michelle comes in and hands me a water. "Sweetie, go get some breakfast. I'll be right here with him, it'll be fine. But you need nutrients. Especially since your in your eighth month, the third trimester is very important. Now go." She shoos me out and I obey grudgingly.

I get back quickly, having ate a half breakfast, too lost in thoughts to eat a whole meal. I take the seat beside him and hold his hand. Right about now is when the others come and stop by.

As if on cue, they walk in. I just shake my head when they look at me. Every day I do this.

"Your family needs you Connor. The baby needs you. I want you to be awake when this baby gets here. So just wake up." I say frustrated. I grip his hand as tears fall. I'm surprised I can cry at all. I've cried so much lately.

Then I feel the greatest thing ever--besides when the baby kicked for the first time a week before the accident. Connor grips my hand back.

His eyes blink openly suddenly. Nurses rush in to take out the breath tube so he can breath by himself.

"Oh thank God! I missed you so much Connor, thank God." I say and kiss him. But my heart breaks. He doesn't kiss back. He pushes me away.

"What the fuck Danielle?!" He shouts. What?!

Connor's POV

My throat is sore and the lights hurt my eyes when I open them. I blink a couple times to get used to the bright lights.

I hear some screaming and I recognize the voice of Danielle. But wait.....she's in Florida? Isn't she?

Lips cover mine and I push her off. "What the fuck Danielle?!" Why the hell did my best friend kiss me?! Her face shows complete hurt.

"Connor?" I look to the other side and see mom, dad, Josh, and this little girl. Who is she?

"Who's she?" I ask.

"This is your little sister Emma....Connor what do you remember last?" Mom asks.

"I was on the field, and I got tackled." I say.

"How old are you and what grade are you in?"

"Fourteen, and I'm a freshman....right?" I ask. A gasp is heard behind me. I turn and see Danielle again, crying. "What happened? Aren't you suppose to be in Florida?"

"Connor, you were in a coma for three months. You're sixteen and a junior." Mom tells me. I shake my head, that's not possible.

"Where's Lacy?" I ask. She can calm me down.


"Lacy, my girlfriend. Where is she?!" I ask, panicked. If I was in an accident, was she involved?!

"Y'all broke up a month after you got together. You and Danielle have been dating since she got back from Florida." Josh explains.

"No! Why would I date my best friend?!"

"I can't take this. I'll see you at home Michelle. Come on Emma," Danielle stands up and I loose my breath.

Either she's really fat, or pregnant. And if we were! I would remember knocking somebody up. Especially my best friend.

"That's not mine! You people are crazy! I would never-" I argue, but am cut off as the door slams. Danielle and Emma have left the room.

"Good going Connor, you just lost your girlfriend." Josh sighs.

"Not my girlfriend in the first place." I grumble. I know that I would never date my best friend, much less knock her up.

I have to stay in the hospital for a couple days. They tell me I will soon regain my memory, and that there's nothing else wrong. Just lost memory, thankfully.

I ask mom and dad about the accident. They saw I was with Danielle and Emma at a Reds baseball game and I saved Emma from getting hit by a car, but got hit myself.

Apparently I also had basically died in the ambulance. They barely revived me.

We get home and I go up to my room. It's so different. A bigger bed, different sheets obviously, and just some other stuff. Lots of girl stuff. Half my closet is of girl clothes, there's hair brush and straightener and some make up in my bathroom. So Danielle has been staying over lately, that isn't surprising.

What's surprising is the baby nursery next to my room, where the guest room used to be. They have to be punking me. This can't be real.

I just flop down on my bed and try to get some sleep.

But it's hard when all I can hear is screaming across the hall.

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