The Missing Hutcherson

Emma was abandoned as a child. Never knew her family. Until she was eleven years old. She finds her new family and loves them. But things are not perfect. It actually seems as if everything has gone down hill ever since she came home.


3. Out On The Town

Connor's POV

My sister is back! She went missing when she was about three. I was seven at the time, and Josh was ten. By then Josh was just started to get into movies.

We pull up to the restaurant and we have to get an extended booth for the six of us. I sit in-between Josh and Danielle, my girlfriend being squished up against the wall. Emma sits in-between mom and dad. Mom is in the same situation as Danielle, but not as bad because mom only has one man on her side.

"So Connor, tell us how the game went." Dad says. I try not to laugh at Danielle beside me. Around mom, she always eats a salad if offered. The problem? She hates it. Can't stand it. I know right now she would rather be pigging out like me and Josh do, but the cheerleaders--or the dingy squad--can't stand when she does it.

One time the cheerleaders and soccer team went to the Pizza Hut to celebrate after a big win. While all the vegetarians where eating there salads at their own table, my girlfriend was seated next to me, under my arm, eating as much pizza as me and the guys.

Let's just say, she was just about a second away from snapping Brandi's--Co-captain and biggest bitch--neck when she told her that the captain of the cheer squad should set better examples for the rest of the cheerleaders, and not be such a fat-ass. I was also ready to kick her ass. I love that she can eat like that and stuff in front of me. If that isn't love, I don't know what is.

"Well, we were tied almost all the way through the second half. But then they got ahead. So we were in a bad situation. It took awhile to catch up, and by then there was about five minutes left in the game. In the last minute, I kicked, but somebody came up behind me and tripped me, but that sent the ball faster at the goal, and bam, we won." I explain. I leave out the part where I face planted into the ground.

We did have to stay for a while afterwards because they had to check me for a concussion, again. I may have took a few tumbles.

"He was great, besides the time he face planted, and the five times he got tackled." Danielle grumbles. "If you want to tackle somebody, sign up for American football." She adds. I just laugh.

I put my left hand on her right knee, and slide it a little down towards her thigh, and just squeeze her leg. I smile at her and she rolls her eyes and continues to eat her gross salad.

"So how good was Danielle cheering? I know you watched her at some point," Josh says, smirking. I roll my eyes, but my cheeks heat up. And so does Danielle's. It's true. But hey! I'm a teenage guy and my girlfriend happens to be a cheerleader! How can I not look?!

"She was great," Is all I say.

"So Emma, how are you feeling?" Mom asks, changing the conversation. Thank God!

"I like it here. I'm just glad to be home," She says, smiling. She leans into mom and mom hugs her.

Mom took it the hardest. Her only daughter, and her youngest baby. She was in depression for I think at least a year. But I mean, I can understand, she lost her child. But I'm glad we got her back. I don't think I've ever seen mom so happy in a long time.

And I'm happy too. For a couple reasons. I got my sister back, biggest reason, we won championship, and I lost my virginity! Yeah, I know. I'm fifteen, too young, blah blah. But I mean, it was amazing. Sure it was awkward, it would have been weird if it wasn't, but it was also.....just wow. No words.

"We are glad you're home." I say, smiling. The food comes out and we eat, talking here and there, cracking jokes, having a good time.

When we get home, mom says Danielle can stay the night, but have to sleep head to toe type thing. I know we won't be. She'll "accidentally" fall asleep on my chest, while we are talking. It happens every time.

"Goodnight Michelle, thanks again," Danielle says, hugging mom. She hugs dad, punches Josh when he asks for a hug, and hugs little Emma. I hug Emma too. It's gonna be a little weird to have a little sister, and another female in the house and my life. But a good weird.

We go into my room and I hand Danielle one of my big shirts--that's what she sleeps in when over here, but always slips on some shorts in the morning so mom doesn't see her without--and she heads towards the bathroom.

"Why you going in there, I've already seen you naked. A couple hours ago actually." I say, smirking. She rolls her eyes and throws a pillow at me.

"Shut up, you don't want Josh hearing. He will either kill you, or tease so much, or tell your parents, which will be the worst possible thing."

I change into my boxers, I'll put on sweats in the morning, and get into bed. Danielle comes out and gets into bed beside me. She lays her head on my chest, getting into normal position, and wrap my arms around her.

"Today was amazing," I say.

"Any certain parts?" She asks, and we both laugh.

"I love you," I say, kissing her. She kisses back.

"I love you too, now go to sleep. I'm tired, and I know your tired too." She says.

A couple minutes later, her breath evens out and I soon fall asleep. In the morning, she will complain about my snoring. It happens every time.

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