The Missing Hutcherson

Emma was abandoned as a child. Never knew her family. Until she was eleven years old. She finds her new family and loves them. But things are not perfect. It actually seems as if everything has gone down hill ever since she came home.


12. It's Time

Danielle's POV

Over the course of a couple weeks, Connor is slowly regaining his memory back. He's now accepted the fact that we are dating and has apologized a million times for how he acted.

We sleep together again. Not as close, but we are making progress.

"What's Small Bump?" Connor asks suddenly.

"A song you love. You started listening to it a little while after we found out I was pregnant. Are you remembering it?" I ask. He nods. So we are making a lot of progress. "Soon you'll he caught up!" I say excitedly. He smiles and kisses me. I smile also.

We get up and walk downstairs. Connor informs everybody about his progress and they smile. "You may remember everything by the time the baby gets here!"

"I'm just glad I can remember when the baby was conceived," He laughs and I roll my eyes. That's all he worried about, the memory of losing his virginity.

We eat our breakfast. We have now started to get back into the routine of taking Emma to do stuff. Today, we are taking her hunting. I'm not too excited about it. But Emma is so I'm going.

"Do you have all your stuff? Guns, ammo, cell phones?" Michelle asks. Connor nods.

"Yeah. Emma, come on. We can't wait all day. We should have left a long time ago!" He shouts up the stairs. Emma comes down dressed in camo, just like me and Connor.

Today, we are hunting deer. It's the right season, we have our licenses and everything.

We get into the truck and we head out to some hunting land. I've never been hunting either, so Connor is a little skeptical about taking both of us.

We get up into one of the deer stands and oh my God, I'm bored as fuck. And freezing. It's December so, it should be cold. Actually, Christmas is tomorrow. Did I forget to mention that?

We also brought Emma out so Michelle good go last minute shopping. She wants this to be the best Christmas for Emma.

All the sudden in brought out of my thoughts by Connor lifting up his gun. He points to the deer and shows Emma real quick again how to fire it and stuff.

She pulls the trigger and bam. Bulls eye. Damn.

Connor smiles and hugs her. "Y'all ready to head home? I was surprised we shot anything. I wasn't expecting to."

"Are we putting that thing in the truck?" Emma asks.

"Of course. I'm glad it's just a doe. I couldn't carry a buck by myself." I don't know how he does it, but he does get it in the back of the truck. He comes back and we pack up. But then I stop in my tracks.

Cramps. Terrible cramps. I grab onto a tree to steady myself. "Danielle, what's wrong?" Connor asks. I've been having Braxton Hicks contractions--I think that's what they're called--but this is not that. I can tell this is different.

The baby is coming. But I ain't due for another week.....guess the baby's coming early.

"The baby is coming," I say, hunched over.

"What?! We're at least two hours away from Florence, where the closest hospital is!" Connor freaks.

"Connor, I can't put him on hold. We have to go, now!" I say through gritted teeth. He nods and they rush me into the truck. We must look like total rednecks, the deer almost falling out of the truck.

"Can you be any slower? Hurry up!" I scream.

"I'm going five over the speed limit with a deer in the back, I can't go any faster!" He is stressed, I can tell. I just call the family.

"Michelle, we are going to St. Elizabeth's in Florence. The baby is coming." I tell her.

"Okay, I'll meet y'all there." She says and then hangs up. I try to decide if I should call my parents or not. I decide to.

After a couple rings, my mother picks up.

"Hello," She says in her clipped voice.

"Mom, I'm heading to St. Elizabeth in Florence. If you and dad want to, you can come. I'm having the baby." I tell her.

"We told you we didn't want anything to do with the baby." She says. And ends the phone call. I don't know why, but I start crying again.

"We'll be there real soon, just stay strong," Connor says. What feels like minutes later we pull into the parking lot. Connor gets me out and rushes me into the building.

"She's going into labor, we need some help!" Connor shouts. A couple nurses come over with a wheelchair and they sit me in it. They wheel me down the hallway and into a room. They get me in a hospital gown and onto the bed. They hook me up on some machines and ask me how far along I am.

"35 weeks. I'm due December 31st."

"Okay. The doctor will he here soon. Sir, if you would please fill this out." She hands a clipboard to Connor and he fills it out quickly.

The doctor comes in and examines me. "Well, it looks like you are about four centimeters. We have to wait until about ten centimeters. It may be awhile. Just sit back and soon we will give you some medication to help with pain." I nod.

Michelle and them arrive. Josh high fives Connor for the deer, but then fists bumps Emma when he finds out she shot it.

"So how far are you dilated?" Michelle asks

"About four centimeters." I tell her.

"We're gonna be here for awhile," She sighs and they all get comfy. Connor brings me ice chips and wipes my forehead every now and then. This is the worst pain I've ever felt.

I'm crying by the the time I'm fully dilated, about six hours later. It's now Christmas Day.

They finally give me some epidural and I feel just a little bit better. But I'm so gonna kill Connor!

Connor's POV

She starts pushing and she uses every cuss word known to man and some I've never heard before. And then she starts cussing in German. Great. Cause I also speak German.

Seven hours into labor, I hear a little cry and Danielle slumps down. "Dad, would you like to cut the umbilical cord?"

I'm frozen. But I nod and they hand me the scissors and show me how to do it. I snip and the take our baby off to clean her and check her out.

"Congratulations Ms. Lancaster, Mr. Hutcherson, you now have a 5 pound, 7 ounces and 17 inches baby girl." Yes, I was right!

Danielle cries tears of joy as they hand her our little girl, wrapped in a little pink blanket. She already has a little tuft of brown soft hair on her head.

"Would you like to hold her daddy?" I just nod. They hand me her and she opens her eyes curiously and looks right at me. Suddenly, every memory comes back. Seeing her for the first time on that black and white screen, hearing that little heartbeat. My baby girl.

"Hi, I'm your daddy. And I promise to always take care of you. No matter what." And I softly run my pinky over her soft little cheek. Her eyes flutter again and she reaches her hands out and grasps my thumb. I lean down and kiss her little nose. "I love you."

Aww! Don't you just love that side of Connor! Daddy Connor! And cute little baby girl. I haven't exactly decided on a name, so comment some below. Thanks guys, love y'all-Katherine

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