The Missing Hutcherson

Emma was abandoned as a child. Never knew her family. Until she was eleven years old. She finds her new family and loves them. But things are not perfect. It actually seems as if everything has gone down hill ever since she came home.


14. Epilogue

Connor's POV

One year later

Today is Maci's 1st birthday. After this year, we decide we will celebrate her birthday on the 24th.

Me and Danielle are now seniors and will graduate in about six months. We plan to move out to an apartment that's close to the college we are going to attend. Well I am going to attend. Danielle plans to do it all online. Which is going to suck, but she wants to be at home to take care of Maci.

She has a part time job at a daycare and since she works, they do let Maci in for free. I work at the mall during after school hours and on Saturdays.

Josh insists on paying for something, since his acting career is soaring, but I really want to show that we can be independent. That we don't need his money to get by. At some point, I know he is going to do something. And I'll just have to accept it. But I am going to do as much as possible. It's my family. And it's my job to take care of them.

Walking out of the bathroom, Danielle is dressing Maci. She has about three favorite words, and those are dada, mama, and no. And no seems to be her most favorite. Because she uses it a lot.

"No!" She is starting to cry as Danielle tries to get her into the cute little dress.

"Ugh. Connor come help me." Danielle sighs.

"Dada!" As I walk over, Maci starts reaching for me.

"Yes, I'm dada, now let's get this dress on you."

"No!" And she's whining again. I finally get it on her, she not helping me much. By now she has taken her first steps, obviously talks, and loves to climb everywhere and on everything.

We go downstairs and Maci squirms in my arms, wanting to be put down so she can explore. I put her down and she starts walking, falls down, gets back up, and then tries to walk again towards mom.

"Meme!" Yep, mom taught her that.

"Hi baby, you look so cute." Mom coos, picking her up. "Connor, Josh just left to go pick up the cake. So you need to do something."

"I did do something," I say, smirking.

"And what was that?" Mom asks.

"I made her," And then I get a whack to the back of my head, which wipes the smirk clean off my face. "Fine, I'll go help dad cook." I sigh and walk outside where my dad sits beside the turkey cooker, yep more turkey right after Thanksgiving!*eye roll*

"They kick you out?" Dad asks as I sit down in the chair beside him. I nod.


"And why the hell are you wearing a tie?"

"Family photos," I sigh. Getting this thing on sucked. After about ten minutes of messing with it, I gave up and had Danielle help me.

"Your family, or the whole family?" He asks. I roll my eyes, laughing. We all hate family photos.

"Mine." I assure him. He breathes a sigh of relief. "Uh, so how long do we have to stay out here?"

"About another hour." He sighs and I groan.

Danielle's POV

"She looks so pretty, I can't believe it's been a year already!" Michelle sighs. I nod.

"Me neither. My baby is growing up so fast."

"Wait until she graduates, gets married, has her own kids....."

"Please don't talk about that," Connor groans as him and Chris carry in the turkey.

"Well it's true. She has to grow up. You can't stop her."

"Don't remind me." He grumbles.

"Where's the alcohol?" Amanda asks, bursting into the kitchen.

"Manda!" For some reason, Maci always forgets to add the A at the beginning of her name. We don't know why.

"Hi baby," She says, picking her up. "What's up with the tie?" She asks Connor.


"Your-" He cuts her off.

"Mine. Just us." He says and she sighs in relief. Does everybody really hate pictures that much?!

"Well then, I'm gonna find me some wine."

"Wine!" Maci shouts. She basically copies everybody.

"Yep, wine." Amanda says, laughing and retrieving the bottle.

"I want!"

"No, this is for grown ups." Amanda tells her sternly when Maci reaches for the cup.

"Keep that away from my daughter, thank you." Connor sighs, taking Maci and setting her on his hip. I just laugh.

"So where is everybody else?" Chris asks.

"In the living room," Amanda says. "They all want to see the birthday girl."

"Birday!" Maci claps her hands.

"Well where's Josh?" Connor asks.

"Right here!" Josh answers, walking into the kitchen holding the birthday cake.

"What theme did you get?" Amanda asks.

"I don't know. I let Connor choose. Now I'm worried," I say slowly.

"Me and Josh picked it out." Connor smirks.

"Now I'm really worried." Michelle says.

"Maci is gonna love it!" Josh says.

"Show me." I say. He opens the box and we all just laugh.

"Really?" Michelle asks.

"What's wrong with it?" Connor pouts. I laugh and kiss him.

"Nothing. But next time, I'm helping." I say and he rolls his eyes at me.

"I like it. You guys actually did good." Michelle says.

"You're only saying that because you look good in the photo/cake thing." Chris says.

On the cake is the picture we took in the hospital after Maci was born. I'm in the bed, holding Maci and Connor is holding my free hand, and Emma and Michelle stand on my right, while Josh and Chris stand behind Connor.

"Well let me get the candle and get the lighter, Josh and Connor, y'all take the cake in the living room." Michelle bosses the guys. They do as told.

We get the candle and the lighter and follow them, me carrying Maci. I put her in her high chair and we stick the candle in and I light it. Chris had a video camera.

Everybody starts singing happy birthday and Maci just giggles. I laugh when she tries to blow out the candle. Connor helps, and when he does, she sticks her finger in the frosting and rubs it on Connor's cheek. Everybody laughs as he just kisses her nose.

"Okay Maci, let's try some cake." I say. I get a piece on a plate, get a tiny piece on the fork, and try to feed her. She likes it. And then she just grabs a handful and smashes it on her face, trying to eat it.

"Family photo time!" Michelle suddenly shouts.

Connor's POV

"Let me grab a towel first so I can clean Maci up-" Mom cuts me off.

"No, just leave it. Come on."

"Okay, fine. But this has to be fair....." I say and get some frosting on my finger and rub it down Danielle's cheek. Now we match.

I pick up Maci and we get together, us both holding her up. "Okay, smile guys." Michelle says.

And we do. With frosting on our faces, our daughter in-between us, looking like total fools. But we don't mind.

Because we are Hutcherson's.

~~The end~~

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