Luke and Katie have been best friends forever their parents were friends before they were both born. Luke is in a band called 5SOS (5 seconds of summer) where their fame is just beginning to take off. At school he is a very quiet person and Katie is pretty much his only friend. Because fame does Luke begin to forget about his one and only friend or do they remain close.


2. Chapter 2

   Today is there last day of school before summer, after Katie and Luke are going to a water park together to celebrate. On Monday 5SOS’s came out with a single called She Looks So Perfect, and it hit # 1 on the charts! The last day of school may be exciting, but for Katie is probably the worst day. A group of girls and their “leader”, Jacquelyn, have always been really jealous and went too far this time. The girls decided to throw eggs at her when she was walking to school, but the problem was out of all of the days that one day was when her parents has to leave early so she couldn’t go back because she would be late. Jacquelyn knew that Katie was too nice to tell on them, which she was right Katie hates to rat out people. So when Katie walked into school she was humiliated everyone was laughing. As soon as Luke saw her was furious and wanted to know who did this to her. She told him but she said no to do anything. Depicted that he did any way and went to Jacquelyn and he gave them a piece of his mind. Before she could run after his he was gone.



“Excuse me!” said Jacquelyn

“You know what you did, you egged Katie!” said Luke

“She deserved it!” said Jacquelyn

“Katie has never done anything to all you are a jealous bitch you wish you could be friends with someone like me! NEWS FLASH NEVER GOING TO HEPPEN!” said Luke

“Ugh” said Jacquelyn


After that Luke walked away feeling a bit better, but still upset. When he go back to Katie she was embarrassed from everything that happened. Katie was still a mess so Luke and her decided to ditch school and got to Katie’s house to get her changed, and then after they would go to the water park.


While they where walking home they both talked, Katie had been hiding something from Luke that she really wanted to get off her chest, but was really scared to say because it might change there friendship.


“Thanks for defending me Luke you didn’t have to do that,” said Katie

“Yes i did , you are like a sister to me and I would do anything for you” said Luke


Katie lived really close to the school, about a block or two down so there walk was very short. Katie grabbed her keys out of her purse and opened the front door to her house. They both walked in she threw the keys on the counter and the bag on her floor and both walked to the bedroom. She got ready for the water park while Luke went to change.



“Does this look okay?” said Katie 

“Yeah it looks great,” said Luke


 Things got really awkward because Katie began to get really nervous because she really wanted to tell him something but she was scared, but she finally got the courage to.


“Luke I have something to tell you,” said Katie 

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