The day.

Hello I'm Maddy Tomlinson.

My brother, Louis Tomlinson, and his 8 friends annoy me so much.

My two best friends help me through anything and everything;
Kristopher(Kris-toph-er) but he prefers Kris.

What happens when things go a little to far..? You'll just have to read and find out.


5. The day

It was the day that changes everything.




*Next day* 

Luke's POV 

Kait fell asleep in my arms. It was so cute to see that face.Why were we ever mean to them? Sigh. Well when she wakes up I'll tell her how sorry I am. Right at the moment she moves and wakes up. I softly smile "Morning beautiful," I could see her blush and I giggled

"Morning," she said. 

"Hungry?" I asked her. She nodded smiling. "What do you want?" 

"Mmm pizza," she giggled.

"For breakfast??" I asked

"Fine mister picky I'll have bacon," She said. I went into the kitchen and made bacon with some pancakes to go with. When I was done I walked into the living room with a plate of bacon and pancakes with a small cup of syrup. I handed it to her. "Yummmm" I giggled.

 "Oh I'm sorry" I said

"For?" She said eating

"For everything that we did" I said

"It's okay, Luke" 

Louis' POV

I walked into Maddy's room again only to Ash still there. I sighed. "Something you want?" Ash asked

"To talk with my sister," I simply said 

"Talk," He said

"Alone..," I said walking over. He left the room and I sat down.

"What?" She said hurt in her voice.

"I'm so so sorry for it all," I cried. She just nodded. "Please," I said tears falling "I'm sorry."

"Are the scars you left on me fixed? I fucking don't thing so. Lou, sorry doesn't cut it." 


Goodnight guys. I love you my loves, thanks for reading :* 

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