The day.

Hello I'm Maddy Tomlinson.

My brother, Louis Tomlinson, and his 8 friends annoy me so much.

My two best friends help me through anything and everything;
Kristopher(Kris-toph-er) but he prefers Kris.

What happens when things go a little to far..? You'll just have to read and find out.


23. Chapter 22

*After the club*

Ashton's POV

So today is my baby's birthday. We are throwing her a surprise party. I can't wait to see the look on her face. The others want me to take her out while they set up. So I decided on a day at the beach then come back when it's time. "Hey baby come on we are going to the beach today" I said to Maddy.

"Ooh fun," she smiled at me. I giggled and we got ready to go.

~Skip car ride~

"Ashton fucking Irwin I'm going to get you!" Maddy screamed at me. See I dumped a bucket of water on her and well she's pissed. I think she's also pissed because she probably thinks I forgot about her birthday. Obviously I didn't. I laughed and kept running. I looked down at my phone to see a missed call and a text from Luke.

From Lukee; You guys can come anytime now.

To Lukee; We will be right there.

*Back at the hotel*

Maddy's POV

I smiled walking back to the room, I opened up the door and saw that it was dark. I turned the light on and all I hear is "Surprise!" I smiled looking around seeing all of my friend but there was one person missing. I kept looking and walked up to Harry. "Hey Haz where is my brother?" I simply asked. He got this sad look when I asked. "Haz where?"

"He couldn't make it to the party." He looked down. I sighed and sat down. Soon I felt two people sit on both sides of me. I looked up to see Kait and Kris. My two friends that are always here for me.

"Heyy cheer up this your party," Kait said to me.

"But my own brother didn't come," I said looking back down.

"Maybe he's out getting you a present," Kris jumped in. I looked up and shrugged.

*Later on*

We played some games like spin the bottle and man it got crazy. But now I was opening present well I only have Ashton's left. Two small boxes. I was opening the one. It was an open heart necklace similar to the one I have but this one has diamonds on it. I smiled and looked up to see Ashton gone. I searched for him. Harry looked at me and shrugged. I sighed and open the other box. It was a piece of paper saying 'Meet me up on the roof-Ash'.

I grabbed a jacket slipping it on going up to the roof to see Ash looking over the edge. I walked over to him tapping his shoulder. He turned around smiling at me.

Ashton's POV

I smiled at my girl. "Maddy. I knew that at the moment I met you, you were the one. You are my world my everything. We have had our ups and downs. We have been together through thick and thin. You make me smile so much. Will you marry me?"

Maddy's POV

I looked at him with tears falling. I couldn't answer him. I wanted to but instead I ran off.

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