The day.

Hello I'm Maddy Tomlinson.

My brother, Louis Tomlinson, and his 8 friends annoy me so much.

My two best friends help me through anything and everything;
Kristopher(Kris-toph-er) but he prefers Kris.

What happens when things go a little to far..? You'll just have to read and find out.


22. Chapter 21

Maddy's POV

*Weeks later*

Kris and Taylor ended up both liking each other and they are dating now. I thought they were so adorable.

"Hey babe wanna go to the club with me and the guys" Ash asks me.

"But we're under age," I replied.

"It's not like you don't drink already, I know you have and plus we know a guy that works there that can get us in" He simply said.

"Okay okay I'll go but let me get ready," I said pushing him towards the door.

"Yay but hurry up," he giggled then left. I smile and get changed into a short silver sparkly dress with my silver heals. I decided to curl my hair and do light make up. I looked at myself with a bright smile. I'm gonna gave fun tonight. And I can almost guarantee Ash won't like it. Whatever he's taking me to the club. Mistake.

I walk to Ash and the others and I could feel eyes on me. "Okay guys seriously don't stare."

"But your hot," Someone said. I giggled.

"Come on guys we gotta go," Luke said. We all set off to the club.

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