The day.

Hello I'm Maddy Tomlinson.

My brother, Louis Tomlinson, and his 8 friends annoy me so much.

My two best friends help me through anything and everything;
Kristopher(Kris-toph-er) but he prefers Kris.

What happens when things go a little to far..? You'll just have to read and find out.


20. Chapter 19

Maddy's POV

I asked Ash to leave. I know he didn't want to leave me but he did. I just wanted to see Lou. When he is able to have visitors I'll see if I'm stable enough to go see him. I just need to. But for now I text Kris for him to come in. I need my best guy friend right now. He just knows how to make me laugh. We walked in and smiled at me. I smiled back "Dude guess what" I looked at him. 

"What is it this time, Kris" I questioned with a smile.

"Tay got laid," He said fast. My mouth dropped open. 

"By who!?" 

"Luke," He giggled(Different Luke, Lukas Ulrich, I went to school with him)

 I bursted out laughing "But I thought he was her step-brother!" 

"Haha you know Tay she lies all the time" 

"Seriously though??" 

"Noo I'm not serious, I'm just fucking with you to get you to laugh"

"Well you did good, that was a good laugh" Smiles "Is she still dating Dwayne?" 

"Nope, they broke up" 

"Wow that's actually shocking, I thought that they would've lasted longer than that" I was still talking and laughing with Kris when a head pops in. Harry. "Hey Haz, what do you want?" 

"Um I wanted to tell you that they said Lou is stable for visitors now. But I'll let him or Ash take you down if you can" He said then started to leave.

"Haz, wait get in here," I said and he walked in. I clicked my nurse button. The nurse came in. 

"You wanted me?"

"Yea, I wanted to know if my friend here could take me to see someone that's here." 

"Uh yea in a wheelchair please and your iv drip must stay with you" I nodded 

"Thanks, that's all" She smiled and walked away. "Haz, get your ass over here and help me in that wheelchair." He came over and helped me. I grabbed onto my iv drip and he took me to Lou's room. 

Louis' POV

There was a faint knock on the door. "Come in," I said hopefully they heard. Yup they heard because two people came in. I couldn't make out who they were. One in a wheelchair and one pushing the wheelchair. 

"Hey bud, your sister wanted to see you," It was Harry and my sister. I sat up slowly only to fall back in pain.

"Hey hey hey don't do that," Her soft voice said. 

Maddy's POV

I wheeled myself and that stupid iv drip towards Lou. I stood up to get closer to him. Fuck this wheelchair. 

"Sis, don't it'll only hurt you more," Lou said to me. 

"Oh well right now your more important" I softly said. I kissed his cheek softly "Lou, I love you. Almost losing you made me realize how much you mean to me. Even if you hurt me." 

"I love-" He started to say but then his eyes closed and machines started to beep. His heart rate went down. But still beating. I started to cry and clicked his nurse button falling back in the wheelchair. A nurse rushed in the room. 

"What happened?" She rushed out. 

"He like blacked out and his heart rate dropped rapidly" I softly said. She nodded then left. Soon later her, more nurses and doctors rushed in the room.

One doctor told Harry and I to leave so Harry wheeled me out. I just wanted to scream. 


Okay so I brought in some real life stuff that happened with my friend, Kris, yea that situation really did happen with those same people. But not what we were talking about.. if that makes any sense. Anyway thanks for reading loves :*  

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