The day.

Hello I'm Maddy Tomlinson.

My brother, Louis Tomlinson, and his 8 friends annoy me so much.

My two best friends help me through anything and everything;
Kristopher(Kris-toph-er) but he prefers Kris.

What happens when things go a little to far..? You'll just have to read and find out.


1. Chapter 1

Maddy's POV

I was laying down in my room texting my best friends when he barges in. Ugh what does he want? I gave him an annoyed look. "Do you mind?"

"No I don't," he shot back. Of course the answer I didn't want from him.

"Louis, what the fuck could you possible want from me!?" I screamed at him pissed that he ever came in. He rolled his eyes and shrugged off. What was that all about? Whatever. I go back to texting when I hear a soft knock on the door. Who now? I got up opening the door seeing two faint smiles. Kait and Kris. "You guys came!" I shouted happily. I hugged both of them smiling wide. 

"Of course we did" Kait responded. 

"You think we would actually leave you alone with your idiot brother?" Kris laughs "Yea right we know what he has done to you before" 

"Yea, don't mention it." I sighed and looked down 

"Aye? Still an iffy subject?" He asked softly. I nodded and looked up shrugging it off

"Mall?" Kait asked. She did always know how to get me happy. 

"We always go to the mall," Kris whined 

"Stop acting like a baby for fuck sakes your 15," I shot at him. He sighed 

"Can we do laser tag instead?" He said hopefull

"Sounds good to me," I smiled 

"Yea, lets go" Kait smiled

We went to Lazer X Treme. We didn't really keep track of scores just here for the fun of it.   


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