They changed her life

Some moments change your life forever. When Olivia got the chance to go see her favourite band for free in London, she instantly took it, not knowing how much of an impact the experience would truely make on her.


1. They changed her life.

The venue was just there, about 100 meters from where they were right now. She could see the sign “o2 Academy Islington”, and hear the music from the venue. She couldn’t believe it, and she was actually a little bit nervous about the whole situation and not sure about how she would handle it. She was actually just two seconds about to go home to the hotel again, but then she remembered that her two best friends were with her and it was going to be a great night. She was not extrovert, and not good at meeting new people, but then she remembered what he had written to her some days earlier, and she put a little smile on her face: “You are coming to our show in London? You’re from Denmark right? And I know that you’re one of our biggest fans? Just bring some friends, I can give you free entrance to the concert and if you can’t find me when you’re getting in, just go over to the merchtable and say that you are looking for me and I’ll be there in a minute”.

Two guys stood in the door, and looked at the three girls in front of them: “Do you have tickets for the show?” With a nervous smile, she looked at them and said that they were on ‘One Direction’s guest list. Before they got inside the venue, she took a little mirror from her bag to check out whether she was pretty enough for this. She was so excited about it. But the make-up was fine, and she wore the clothes that fit her most; Her black jeans and her favourite Drop Dead top. They got inside and she could see that the support band was playing right now. She had not seen them before, maybe they were a local band? But they were actually pretty good. There were not so many people as she thought there would be, but enough for her to get lost in the crowd. She wasn’t even sure about how he looked like in real life, so it was not easy anyway. She looked behind her and saw that her two best friends, actually her only friends, were looking after him too. She guessed that they were happy that she left her home in Denmark and bought a hotel room in London, so she could meet her favourite band.  One Direction was not a big band, but their fans were true and loved them. She had known One Direction for some months and she had discovered them when she got through a hard time. They had only a couple of songs out, but she knew the words to every song and loved them so much, and they could always make her smile.

They walked over to the merchtable, and asked for him, and the man smiled. Had he talked about them? About her? Two seconds after she felt a hand on her shoulder and she turned around and saw him. He had these blue pretty eyes; short blonde haircut and this cute little half smile, and his clothes fit him.  She could feel that she was really nervous now, and didn’t know what to say. But before she even had the chance to open her mouth and say something he looked at them: “So I guess you are the girls from Denmark. And you’re Olivia?” His eyes met hers and she nodded. “Follow me.” She looked at her friends, but they just made a wink that they should go with him, so they walked behind him and ended in the backstage room. Not a big one, but big enough for all of them to be there. She couldn’t believe it. Why were they here? Backstage with her favourite band? She could hear voices and a second after the other members of One Direction got into the room. They smiled. Had they heard of them? The girls from Denmark? The only member she had written a lot with was him. The cutest guy in the band. Niall Horan. She had told him her whole life story and he had told her that he was so happy about that his band, his brother and their friends could help her, especially because he said that he had been through the same. She smiled for herself. He and the rest of the band were an inspiration for her, but especially him. He was a proof that your life could change direction.

What’s your favourite song of ours?” She was caught up in her own thoughts, so she got frightened. “What makes you beautiful?” They all smiled and started to play the song for her. She smiled. It was already so much better than she had believed and she could see that her friends were happy too.

Did you guys know that she’s actually a really good singer?” Wait, what? She looked at Lana, one of the two best friends she had, and could not believe that she just had told her favourite band that she was a really good singer. She couldn’t sing in front of them, if that was Lana’s wish. The only two people who had heard her sing were Lana and her other best friend Celine, and they were actually also the only two people who knew that she had a great voice. She was too uncertain about herself and didn’t believe in herself at all.

“Is it true? Can you sing? Say a song you can sing and we may be able play the guitar part”. She didn’t answer. She was not prepared for this. But what could she do? Now she was here and she didn’t believe that they would laugh at her if her voice wasn’t perfect. In a weird way, she felt comfortable when she was around them. Niall’s eyes met hers again, and she could see that he wanted to hear her voice. “Just the way you are”. She looked down. “Oh so you’re a ‘Bruno Mars’ fan? Agree, he is great. Just begin to sing”. She wasn’t afraid of singing and began. They all kept their eyes on her and they all had that surprising look on their faces. She smiled a little bit. Was she good? That was what Lana and Celine had told her when they had heard her singing for the first time.

“Wow, you’re really good, did you know that? Why have you never let anyone hear you before, besides your two best friends?” She was blushing. “I have an idea; you’re singing that song tonight when it’s our turn to play”. She didn’t say anything, but she was proud of herself. She saw the clock on the wall and saw that they had about 10 minutes, before it was their turn to play.

“Give a big hand to Olivia, she’s from Denmark and she’s a really good singer”. It was her turn now. Lana and Celine smiled, they were so proud of her. She walked up at the stairs and stood now on the scene. So many people in front of her and they were all ready to hear her sing. She looked behind her and Niall was smiling to her. She began to sing and people were smiling. She WAS really good, and she was happy. This was the best night of her life. One Direction had taught her to believe in herself and see the positive things in life. The meeting with them had changed her. She knew she was good at something. She could sing.  

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