An Interview with a Movellian

Ever wanted to know MORE about your favourite movellians? Here's your chance! This movella is a collection of interviews from movellas most talented authors!

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9. An Interview with Emma Bird

Emma Bird has been on movellas since the 17th of September 2012. She has 92 fans and 12 movellas, the most popular of these being 'Draco Malfoy and the Better-Than-Potter's-Broomstick', coauthored with MahoganyPumpkin, NightStar13 and meeeeeee!!!!!! (Mirlotta.) This has 97 likes and is on 102 favourites lists. Emma is also a movellas guide ambassador. 


1) If you could ask your favourite fictional character any question, what would it be?

 Aaargh, hard one, mainly because I have absoloutly no idea who my favourite character is. That's like trying to choose between flavours of ice-cream; there is no one answer. But I think I'd have to say Christina from Divergent, and I'd ask her about growing up in Cnador. Candor is never talked about much in the books, and I just think it'd be interesting to know.


2) If you could get any fictional character to join movellas, who would it be?

 Hmmm, probably Luna Lovegood. Simply because she's so funny and has such an interesting mind. I think she'd make a brilliant writer and an even more awesome blogger, and she'd just be so great to talk to.

3) If you were an item of clothing, what would you be and why?

Probably a sock. I like socks. Especially fluffy socks. Socks are cool. 

4) Bbc or Itv? 

BBC all the way. Probably because. when I was younger, CBBC (childrens' British Broadasting channel, for anyone who's not British) was always so much better than CITV. 

5) If there was a song about you, what would it be called?

Well I've never really thought about it much, but it would probably be something along the lines of 'Where am I?' or 'How did I get here?' because life generally tends to confuse me. A lot. 

6) If you went into a fictional story but you had to marry the villain of the chosen story, where would you go? 

Probably Harry Potter, because there is something about Voldemeort that is just too sexy (catch the sarcasm?). And also, if you're going to marry a bad guy, you may as well make it a bald, noseless, red eyed dark lord. On another note, I also quite like the idea of being the person to make Voldemort 'fall in love' (if that's why we married) because he has never cared about anyone else before. So that would be cool.

7) What do you think is the world's catchiest song ever?

Oh my god, too many. Things like 'Crazy Frog' and 'Happy' get stuck in my head for hours (and Happy has to be the most annoying song ever). High School Musical songs are also pretty catchy, as well as most other Disney songs, but the cachiest song ever has to be What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction. It's kind of annoying, but you have to admit; once you hear it, you'll be singing it all day.

8) If you had to dye your hair another colour, what would it be?

 I want to dye my hair so much, but I've never really been brave ebough. It's a kind of dull blonde at the moment, but I'd really love for it to be dark brown, candyfloss pink, dark red or turquiose.

9) Which of your movellas would you most want to be published?

I've never really considered publishing one of my movellas, but I think my favourite would have to be Limelight. It obviously never could be published, as it's a Harry Potter fanfiction, but it's the movella I've put most time and thought into.


10) What phrase do you say the most?

Erm, one sec, let me just ask my family. Apparently I say 'tut, Muggles' whenever someone says something really stupid, or when they don't get my book references. Which is pretty much all the time.


Thanks to the amazing Emma Bird and everyone else reading her interview!


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