An Interview with a Movellian

Ever wanted to know MORE about your favourite movellians? Here's your chance! This movella is a collection of interviews from movellas most talented authors!

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8. An Interview with Ahlaam Nightshade

Ahlaam Nightshade has been on movellas since the 28th of August 2013. She has 204 fans, and 27 movellas, the most popular being the intriguing, 'Who is Layla Tomlinson', coauthored with RockkaRolla Maverick, Bathroom Singer, and Cambie Shadownight. This has 129 likes and is on 138 favourites lists. Ahlaam is part of the Nightshade family, as well as being a genuine Lizard Woman from the dawn of time. In addition to all this, she loves tea, and won Movellist of the Year in the Movellys 2014.


1) What is the worst thing about being the age you are?

Hmm, I guess the worst thing would be that at this age, life is so confusing and emotional. Things happen, life changes, and people are more horrible. It's that cruel state in which you're between a child and an adult, and are sometimes seen as too childish or too much like an adult.

2) What reality show would you be most likely to win? Why?

 Ooh, hard one! To be honest, I don't watch many reality shows, but here goes . . . probably "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?", because whenever I watch it, I know answers to the questions. xD I guess I'm quite smart.

3) What one word do you overuse MOST?

Huh . . . I use these three equally as much: well, brilliant,, or oh. Haha. 

4) Name five movellians you think are also secretly lizard women/men from the dawn of time.

What?! No?! My race is dead, I'm the only one left! But there are people who could secretly be lizard women/men from the dawn of time. Rodrigo R.R. Goldlight could be one, Mirlotta (you!) could be one, Dramaticllama Nightshade could be one (in disguise as a llama), Writerrandom could be one, and TheMaverickEggMuse could be one too.

But I'm still the only one!

5) What's your opinion on the last book you read?

The last book I read was Stardust by Neil Gaiman. I thought it was amazing, something new for me as I don't really read romance books, but I really, really enjoyed it. I think the characters were believable and easy to relate to, and the plot was just magical. I didn't really like the pace it was going, though. It went to slow nearing the end.

6) Name three fictional villains you wouldn't mind working for.

MORIARTY. Definitely Moriarty. The Joker, and Crowley from Supernatural.

7) Describe the strangest dream you've ever had.

Hahaha, well, basically, Hogwarts and the mosque I go to were sort of merged, and there was people at Hogwarts there and people from school, and Movllians too, but I couldn't see them, it was weird. And when Voldemort disintegrated (by Harry wrapping a headscarf around his neck and shouting "Petrificus Kedavra!", these zombies came and ate, like, everyone. But Eren, Armin, Levi, Mikasa and Sasha from Attack On Titan came and helped. And then I died too and ended up seeing things as a ghost. It was really vivid and realistic, and scarier than it sounds.


8) If you could choose three fictional characters to be your slaves, who would they be?

 Umm . . . I'd choose Dobby, Ariel from The Tempest and Sherlock.

9) If you were forced to destroy 5 books forever, which would they be?

I WOULDN'T! I would rebel like the bad person I am, and save the books from the burning fire. Even if I hate them, books are not objects, they're lives, we've just been given the privilege to know about those lives.

10) List as many uses as you can for an elastic band. (Please be as inventive as possible!!)

Make bracelets, kill someone, play music, tie up/do hair, a catapult, a glasses holder, a poster scroll, a handle grip, a candle dewobbler, mail storage, room decorations, hair decorations, Easter egg decorations, a ruler, a flower arranger, a lid gripper, universal object keep-togetherer, a bag sealer, a file sealer, to kill someone, a toddler locker, a tagging system, a work of art, a stress reliever, a tie-dye tool, to take out teeth, to kill someone.


Thanks to the fantastic Ahlaam Nightshade, and to everyone reading this!

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