Shattered Worlds

Dear, Lyrica
Go pack. You are about to enter another World. You’re a smart girl and Daddy believes in you. In the World your going to go in Is very scary and has a lot of rules. If you die in that world and your from our World then you’ll forget everything about our World even how to travel back. If you are reading this, then that means I’m either dead or have disappeared I’m hoping for the latter of course. Are you ready to go into a World that still lives in the past? You should be, because if you go into the future, there’ll be nothing. When your in the Worlds you have to change something, maybe somebody’s heart, if you need to.
When your in the Worlds our World will be stopped in Time so when you get back it’ll be like you stopped time. When your done and there’s going to be a good future for them then you’ll be able to come back. There are lots of Worlds you’ll start off with the first one. Have fun,
Love Charles Lake Feighton {Daddy}


1. police stations are not fun.





Chapter one

“However did you get yourself in this shady place?” Mr. Police Officer asks.

“Well, shouldn’t you already know that? If, you’re trying to play good cop, bad cop I’ve seen through your façade” I say.

The Police Officer rakes his hand through his hair. He has a slight 5’oclock shadow, probably because he gets overworked a lot of the time. He has smiling lines and a wide mouth. He has a slightly crooked nose, but I’m sure nobody notices it. He has a slender body that looks kind of strong and very wise eyes. His hair is auburn and eyes hazel. I’d guess twenty between twenty-two.

“I was merely asking a question” he says after a long silence.

“I didn’t do anything, if you want to charge me with false evidence go ahead, only really smart people can do bad things” I say. The door flies open.

Okay, lets just say this, this person looked crazy mad and curious.

“Okay, playtimes over children” the person says. We both glare at him. This person is probably around the Police officers age. This person has black hair and bright blue eyes. He has laugh lines and very expressive facial expressions. This man is tall and looks very intimidating.

“Yes I suppose, since we’ve been here for seven hours, thirty-six minutes and eighteen seconds I’d rather not do this again it seems our personalities clash” I say.

“How do you know how many hours we’ve been here?” Mr. Police Officer asks.

“I’ve been counting” I say. Black haired Police Officer laughs.

“Counting, counting? No wonder you’ve been so quiet you weren’t listening to a word I said” the Police Officer has lost it.

“Yup” I say indifferently. Officer #2 slams his hand down loudly on the tabletop.

“Now let’s stop fighting children!” Officer #2 yells. Officer #1 immediately stops yelling I smirk. Officer #2 walks over to where I’m sitting and leans real close.

“How did you erase the data, how did you take down several of the crime organizations? Well?” Officer #2 asks. I get right in his face poking his chest.

“Don’t go asking me things that I don’t know how am I supposed to know? I’m being questioned because you think I took crime organizations down and besides even if I did do it you don’t have any solid evidence, plus wouldn’t be a good thing?” I ask while continually poking him.

“Well it’s true that we don’t have any solid evidence, we just want to know because there is a lot of bad guys after this person, and smarter people then the police can kill this person” he says and actually looks creeped out and shivers.

“I don’t really care since this persons not me, obviously” I say and roll my eyes. The door opens again.

“Ms. Feighton, your free to go” a women says. She has blonde hair that’s put in a knot on top of her head, She’s very tall and slender. She has on a sparkly t-shirt and striped pants, she’s very pretty, but something’s off. Her hairs a bit askew and her face is a bit smeared {probably due to her makeup} and she has flashing eyes probably more sensitive. My best bet is, drum roll: she just got a divorce.

I smile sweetly and she does a double take.

“I bet everything will work out” I say and give her a thumbs up.

“What do you mean?” she says.

“About your divorce” I say confidently, even though I’m not really sure she’s got a divorce, but judging from her tearing up eyes I bet I hit the spot.

“How did you know?” she says as I hand her a napkin.

“That’s a secret” I say and put a finger to my lips.

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