The sorting hat's decision

This is a Harry Potter fanfiction about a girl called Ivy Malfoy. Malfoy's year younger sister who is a true Griffindor at heart. Her family want her to get into Slytherin but the sorting hat comes out with something extraordinary....


1. 1

We arrived at King's Cross station, Draco and I. Mother tightened the black Pansy on my chest, the crochet floral lace cuffs sticking up. She drew a handkerchief from her pocket a dabbed at my face,

"Mum!" I said, turning my face away and shielding myself from the saliva stained tissue. Mother placed the handkerchief down and looked into my baby blue eyes. I turned away, I couldn't stand her gaze.  I knew what she was going to say anyway,

"Ivy, you know...."

"Yes, yes I know, you've told me one million times before, it doesn't matter whether I get into Slytherin or not!"

Mother looked, her gaze far away,

"The train is coming soon, Draco, take care of Ivy ok?!"

Draco just nodded, he seemed to be distracted by something, I did not know what by, but whatever it was, it seemed to have caught his attention. Then I noticed a flurry of brown hair....

The train honked, mother held Draco and I tightly, allowing barely any space for him and I to breathe. She waved at us and we piled on to the already packed train. Draco surged ahead, spotting Crabbe and Goyle,

"Draco!" I shouted, until I was knocked into a carriage nearby with five people and a rat inside of it. I must've looked like a right plonker, casually sprawled on the floor of the carriage, my platinum hair spread all around me.


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