Sincerly Perrie Edwards (littlemix and 1d fanfiction)

When Zayn, fiancé of the late Perrie finds the letters perrie wrote leading up to her death he find the reason why this young star took her own life.There was a letter for each person who was part of her death.Zayn was the first to read the letters then he had to pass them on....


1. finding the letters

I walked upstairs into my room,This was the last place Perrie and I were together.Under my bed I saw a blue box saying "Perries death letters" I couldn't help but open the box. The first letter said

"Rules of these letters. 1.After you've read all the letters you tick you name of the list.

2. You pass it on to the next person on the list. 1 letter a day

4.Don't speak to anyone about these letters until everyone has read them


Sincerely Perrie Louise Edwards.

Wow,I thought to myself I guess I should read the first letter.....Niall.

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