The Dare

Hello this is just a quick note! My Adopted By OneDirection is on hold just to let you know. Now on with this !New! Story :)....

Hello this is just a quick note! My Adopted By OneDirection is on hold just to let you know. Now on with this !New! Story :)....

Alex Mclane is the second oldest and she's emotional in this book, her hearts shattered and is loved, but a certain someone is dared to date her and fool around with her, read on for the rest. Bye :)



1. The !News! and The Leg Touch..

~~Hello this is just a quick note! My Adopted By OneDirection is on hold just to let you know. Now on with this !New! Story :)....


Alex's P.O.V


'Alex, Dear, we need a family meeting. Now!' My dad said, then headed down stairs to the living room for or family meeting.

Okay, so i'll introduce you to my family:

Josh Mclane: Father of me and my three siblings and married to Claire Mclane, rich and wealthy, but doesn't spend time with his kids

Claire Mclane: Mother of four, wealthy and healthy, to busy to care for her kids, all ways busy and rich.

Jake Mclane: Oldest of the kids, cares and protects us, he's sweet and caring, ad popular in school since he's in the 'In-Crowd' with his five best buds, Louis,Liam,Zayn,Niall,Harry also a football player.

Alex Mclane: Second oldest , best friends are Ashley and Becky, my crush is actually one of Jakes Best buds, which is a Louis, now on with the list of my family!

Isabella Mclane: Twins with Alex Mclane (Me) Third oldest, in the 'In-Crowd' and is obsessed with her clothes and make-up and is also is an cheer leader and sassy.

Johnathan Mclane: Youngest of the Mclanes, cute and giggly and adorable , he's watched b y our parents but mostly our maid, Mable watches him.

I headed down stairs and was welcomed by Mable saying 'Hello, Ms.Alex, your family is in the living room and some guest'and I nodded and headed to our living room, my family was there and our guest was.... The Styles Family, Gemma wasn't there though. When everyone noticed my presence after a few seconds, they all smiled and my dad said 'Alex, come sit with us, we're about to begin' and I nodded and sat by Harry, since that was the only spot left in the living room, the adults chatted until they said 'Alex,Jake,Harry,Isabella, we all decided that we will move to the Styles residents since ours is being sold!' my mom said like it was no big deal, our reaction were wide eyes,mouths open,silence, Anne and my parents smiled and went back to chatting . Me and Jake and Harry headed to my room, all of us probably thinking, and Isabella probably went to go spill her 'Happy' or 'Sad' news to her BFF Amber.I sat on my bed, Jake flopped on my bed, Harry sat on my rocking chair, 'Wow' I said, they both looked up saying 'yep' or 'mhm', I sighed and Harry said 'Is it alright if I invite the gang over Jake?' he asked Jake, Jake nodded and said 'Sure, my parents will be fine with the boys over' and my heart stopped, when ever it's Louis and I alone in a room I get nervous and self-conscience, so I can't get alone in a room with Louis. After Louis,Liam,Zayn,Nial arrived and said 'Hello' to mine and Harrys parents they came into my room, and it was normal, the boys chatting while I'm just relaxing on my bed, then all of a sudden some ones hand just placed their hand on my leg, knowing its probably Jake, I kept relaxing, but after five minutes I realized that Jake left the room about 8 minutes ago or so, it was rather Louis,Liams,Zayn,Niall,Harrys hand on my leg, So i jumped up and backed up to the wall looking at the boys as if they were kidnappers, I looked at their faces, Harry's was a cheeky smirk but it wasn't his hand, Nialls face was crinkled up and his laugh was filling my room, Zayn's Face was the exact same as Nialls face, Liam was chuckling and shaking his head but some emotion was in his eyes, Louis's face was blushing and he was facing the ground. It was pretty obvious who it was. Louis. They were playing a game of Truth or Dare earlier, so it could be a dare, or is it?.


Thanks for reading the first Chapt. and Adopted By OneDirection is going to be on hold for a very long time just to tell you, and hope you enjoyed!











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