My Sister

Rita Skeeter waited in the Three Broomsticks, tapping her acid green nails on the counter. She was waiting for someone she had never met but was about to become tied to in more ways than one.
What will she do when it turns out that the one and only Effie Trinket is her sister?!


1. The Letter

When a fluffy purple and pink owl had arrived outside of Rita Skeeter's window one Saturday evening, with a envelope stuck to its back with Sellotape, she should have realised that something was not quite right...

She had been even more astounded when the contents of the baby blue envelope spilled out, containing a letter ( suspiciously smelling of roses) and an official looking piece of startlingly white parchment .

It read:

Dear Miss Skeeter,

We are pleased to inform you that the DNA you supplied us with on the 2nd September has indeed comeback to matching Miss Effie Trinket and we therefore suggest you meet with Miss Trinket to discuss this matter further.

The number to call is 12121 456 656 and to receive a hologram press #.


Venecia Elderflower. Scientific Development Lab. District 2. Panem

Rita was totally confused and shocked at what she had just been reading and so opened up the blue parchment to see if this would make some sense instead and discovered an elegant scrawl of magenta pink writing:

My dear dear sister!!!

I hope you are not to mad at me for drugging you to obtain your DNA a few weeks ago using an acquaintance that lives near by but I had been digging through some old photographs and found a picture if a girl resembling I am sure a much younger version of yourself (breathe Rita!, She, thought: does this woman know how to use full stops!?) so of course I tracked you down immediately and wanted to know for sure (breath!) I can't tell you how happy I am to have a long list sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I shall tell all of my friends,like....... Well Yes- so exciting!

I have been doing some research because this is all so important to me and I think there is a place near you called The Three Broomsticks in Hogeasmeed (I can't stand spelling mistakes, Rita thought, annoyed) please return this gorgeous owl I found with a return letter to confirm a time and date, in my research it said that where you live it is customary to send owls as postmen! I will arrive by hovercraft to save time and it will be a big, big day! well..... Bye sissy!

P.S My name is Effie Trinket and I live in Panem, and I am proud to say I help organise the annual Hunger Games, I also enjoy parties and feasts as well as time tabling, I can't wait to see you and find out what you enjoy?!

Rita had no idea how to react now. Should she believe that this nutcase was her sister? And if she did go into Hogsmeade to meet her, what would happen? Alien words like Panem and Hunger Games and DNA were rolling around in her head. Hoping this was a dream she turned into a beetle and drifted off. Ignoring the opera singing owl at her window.....

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