One Dementor was created thousands of years ago, secretly, by Bellatrix Lestrange's distant ancestor. But it was faulty and clung to that bloodline for years to come. And when it begins to haunt Bellatrix herself, only Voldemort can save her... But does she mean enough to him to save her from her living hell? And did Voldemort only break the death eaters out of Azkaban to save HER?


1. Haunt


I cowered in the corner of my cell, not daring to move and feeling sick to my stomach. Stars floated in front of my eyes as the Dementor leaned forward and revealed his rotting, scab plagued hole of a mouth.

What he did to me was worse than the kiss- the kiss which was said to equal no other form of torture. But this was no ordinary Dementor who sucked bits of my soul out each day. This was no ordinary being who then replaced my soul; dry and corroded every week... Or month... Or year. I had lost track of time since being put in Azkaban and since our family's very own creation, the 'Haunt', discovered and tracked me down. Time wove into a blurry web of eternal despair for me, and I no longer recalled the meaning of the word.

I pulled my matted and frizzy hair in front of my face, desperate for some shield against this foul cloaked parasite. All it did was feed misery and anger into my very being, and my distant sub conscience knew I would never really recover.

I soon realised my only hope would be him, but after fourteen years why should he come? Why should he come if he has no knowledge of my own private Dementor? A demon Dementor ; who feasts on me, the only female descendant alive ( barely) at this moment to Clarissa Black, the mad alchemist. Me, who is also the only female descendant in the only place where such a creation can reach me ? Azkaban- where no one checks for corrupt Dementors because no one has ever heard of an uncorrupt one.

No magical patronus would help me now, only the Dark Lord's power would get me out of this hell I live in... The hell which has seeped into me.... Would he even care for me anymore? For the person I have become?

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