This is a collection of poems I have written this year.


1. Winter and I

Winter and I


In the back of my mind

where memories have grown

lies one in specific

of a sunny day

where the grass was emerald green

and the water was crystal clear.


It was perfect

and I remember.


But now

when I open my eyes

there are only clouds

that are heavy, like metal

the only thing holding them up

is the cold air


No, it isn’t cold.


piercing and numbing

the wind is a thousand invisible knives

cutting at my cheeks

until they’re rutilant.


My tears come more easily now

The trees are playing with balls of string

getting tangled in each other’s outstretched arms

The sunlight can’t break past the tough, gray sky.

When will it end?


Until then, I’ll stand here

frigid, and giving up

on heating my icy skin,

with my red cheeks

and memories.

Waiting for nothing.

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