New Beginnings

This is a sequel to ‘Best Friends?’ So you might want to read that first or else you'll get confused. :)


1. Chapter 1

June 26th, I turn 21, my parents are out of town, as usual. I graduated in year 13 when I was 17 and graduated from university a few months back, and Damian now works at a photo studio near our houses.

Its been almost 4 years since Damian and I became a couple, and we've never loved each other more than we love each other now. Wren and Meredith are still together, Zoe and Kyle sort of became boyfriend and girlfriend after year 13 graduation and Kate's high-school crush who's a year younger than us is her boyfriend, the one she took to the winter dance, Adam.

Damian planned a trip for us, all of us to celebrate my birthday and we're leaving once he gets home from work. Everyone else knows where we're going except me, the birthday girl. Every time I try to persuade them to tell me where we're going, they tell me its a "surprise".

Now I'm just laying on my bed, waiting for my boyfriend's arrival, no we don't live with each other but we're planning to just like Wren and Meredith. I turn to my left, a collage of pictures of Damian and I ever since we were in diapers. A smile made it's way to my face, we've been through so much and now we're still going strong. And the wall next to it's filled with a collage of all of us, Mere, Kate, Zoe, Kyle, Wren, Damian, me and even Adam. Since he's Kate's boyfriend, he has to be a part of the group.

I remember when they first started dating, he started to hangout with us a lot in school, he didn't have much close friends until we came along. Though at first, people stare at us when they see Adam walking down the halls with us, or when we're at our lunch table but then everyone got used to it. When we graduated, he became the king of the school, by that I mean the most popular guy in school. He became head prefect taking my place and other stuff. Then when he graduated year 13, he went to the same university with Kate, Kate graduated a few months ago and now Adam's still in uni without Kate but they still see each other lots.

I heard a knock on my door, "Who is it?" I asked with a loud voice. "Room service." Someone said with a fake girl's accent and I know exactly who it is. "Its not a hotel, moron." I laughed and Damian came in. "You ready?" He asked as I got up. "Yup." I said. He came over towards me and gave me a kiss on the forehead, but not on the lips, and I feel so much more loved by him when he kisses me on the forehead. "Happy birthday, darling."

"Let's go." He said, taking my suitcase from the corner of my room. He was surprised that I packed light, because as Damian would always say, "We're not moving, Clover. You're not bringing your entire wardrobe."

"Where are we going, Dames?" I asked. "If I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise. Would it?" He asked, raising a brow. "No...." I pouted.

"Now come on, everyone's on their way to the airport as we speak." He smiled and kissed my forehead again and we exited my room.

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