Almost Dead to In LOVE



1. The Meeting

Brooklyn's POV

I was currently home alone. I decided to take a bath. Once I got in I let all the feelings of todays previous events wash away. I was always bullied at my school. My sister left the school a while ago and ever since she left I've been bullied non-stop. Today my bullies physically hurt me. They punched me kicked me basically anything that came to their mind to hurt me they did it. I let the water take over the cuts on my arms and legs. I was currently listening to One Direction on my tablet when there was a knock on the bathroom door. Thinking it was my dad I ignored it. Then it kept going so I gave in. " Who is it?" " Take a wild guess" said the unknown but familiar voice. " Talk again" " Take a guess" then it hit me. " Your Niall Horan from One Direction." " Yep can I come in?" he asked. I was about to say yes when I realized I was still in the bath. " No I don't think that would be a good idea." " Why?" he asked. " I'm currently taking a bath." I told him. " I don't care." " Well, I do. " I told him. There was no answer but when I looked up I saw a smirking Niall. " What the fuck!" I yelled. " You look lovely in bubbles." " Get out! Your being a pervert!" I yelled. Then my head was underwater and I was struggling to get back up. I was about to give up when his hands were released from my head. I got back up coughing up water. " Niall what the fuck dude you could've killed her!" yelled Harry's deep voice. " She wouldn't let me stay here!" he yelled and pushed me back under when I was struggle for air everything went black.

Harry's POV

Niall pushed her back under water and he was harder to get off of her this time so I called Liam. But he didn't just come in they all did. We got Niall off but she didn't get back up. That's when me and Liam pulled her back up she was still breathing but there was no way an ambulance could get here in time so I gave her mouth to mouth and she sat up and screamed. " I hate my life!" she yelled and ran out of the room only in a towel.


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