The Recruiter

Kenna Silverwick didn't expect a secret admirer or for him to send many notes. Her time at Hogwarts had always been relatively normal, unless you count the fact that Draco Malfoy always watched her. But when the mysterious DLM asks her to meet him at the edge of the forbidden forest, she is swept up into the world of the recruited, and she is changed forever by a familiar white-blonde haired boy...


1. Strange things

It all started during my first year at Hogwarts. That was the first time I noticed him staring at me. Of course, he looked away once I noticed. That was at the Station. Then again I saw him in the train. I learned that he is a bullie. He picked on Ron, Harry and Hermione. I saw him again at the sorting. He got Slytherin, I got Gryffindor. I saw him many times during the year too. Always looking at me. Studying me. He watched me the second year and third year and so on. I found it creepy. I still think its creepy. I always get shivers down my spine. 

     Now I sit in one of the train cars with Harry Ron and Hermione. He comes again. "I can't belive the weasel and the mud blood made it to the last year," he said before he walked off. I don't think anything is going to be diffrent this year. I'll be watched. They'll be picked on. I sigh and watch the scenery fly by. 

     "I can't belive him!" Hermione says angrily. "Why can't he leave us alone?"

     "Because he's the biggest jerk at school" Ron says.

     "Forget that" Harry says. "He's the biggest jerk in the whole world" 

They laugh. But Ron notices that I don't join in. "Something wrong Kenna?" He asks.

     "No" I say. "I've just got lots on my mind." 

     Hermione nods. "We should all have lots on our minds, this year is the most important in our education!" Trust Hermione to think of school first. 

    I turn back to the window. The biggest jerk. The person who has been watching me for six years. It just doesn't make sence. Why does he watch me? Im nobody special. Im just a pure blood Gryffindor girl. He has never talked to me upfront. Unless I talk first. Which is usually when I'm defending some one. He's the biggest jerk. He's the rudest most anti muggle born kid in the school. He's the one who watches me. He is Draco Malfoy.

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