Dracos sister secret

Draco finds out he has a twin but she is not to keen on the idea what will happen


1. Dracos pov

Today was the first day back at hogwarts shcool of wichcraft and wizadry and i was in my 3rd year at the sorting dumbeldor said their was going to be a new studant in the 3 year i didnt rilly care intill she was callded up calida malefoy i was shoced and she looked just lik me ecept she had red hair insted of wite it cant be i thort but i new it must be a cusin not a sister but then dumbeldor made an anonsmant after the first Years had bin sorted this is draco malefoys sister and she is going to be part of Hogwarts after being sorted the girl standed up to be sorted and dumbeldor put the hat on her grifindor it said I cudnt beleive it I had a secret twin sister so I rang up my parants and  asked them  about it and lucis told me that he had secretly had a baby with Molly weseley once and narckissa said they had a big argumant over my name when she was first pregnent so lucis wanted to have anover that he cud name it but she didnt want one so he had won with Molly the next moth and calida was born in Julie after me I cudnt beleive it so I ran away I was a shamade and scared of the consekwences so I cryed in bed for a hour or too then calida came in 

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