My Love For Harry

I lost my best friend because of Harry, in a way. I guess it wasn't all his fault!- Lizzie

Enjoy xx Caity


1. Shattered

Lizzie's POV

"Hurry up Lizzie" niall shouted from the kitchen. We were going to my best friend Caity.

"I'm ready" I yelled running down the stairs and out the door.

-skip car ride-

We arrived and I saw Caity chatting to Harry. I could see that they liked each other, I wished he liked me.

"Hey" I greeted

"Hey beautiful" harry and Caity greeted at the same time. Caity blushes but harry still kept his on me. I began to blush. He laughed and I sat beside him. Caity looked a little hurt but turned to niall and started a conversation with him. He loved her, she saw him as a big brother.

"So harry," I said loudly then whispered " do you like Caity??"

"I love her" he smiled quietly. I smiled but my heart shattered over and over again. I swallowed hard to stop tears flowing down my cheeks.

"Are you okay?" He asked softly patting my back.

I just nodded. I had to be strong. He went to ask if I was sure but I said, quite harshly,

"Drop it Harry"

He looked down and I could see I had hurt him, which made me feel worse.

"I'm sorry harry. Ask her on a date if you like her." I said sadly but I wanted Caity to be happy, little did I know that I was setting everyone up to sad.

"Okay I will before we leave" he replied.

I smiled slightly. Don't get me wrong I loved Caity and I wanted her to be happy but I wanted harry too. We chatted for hours and niall finally pulled me away from harry.

As I was walking towards the door I heard harry sweetly ask Caity on a date which she gladly said yes to. I was happy for her but a part of me wished that he'd said that to me.

-skip car ride-

"So do you like harry?" Niall asked as we walked through the front door.

"Why?" I asked

"I just wanted to know. What about Caity does she like me or harry?" He asked. I was pissed at him for asking me if I liked harry so I just cracked.

"Harry likes Caity and they're going on a date soon. She only likes you as a brother niall nothing more nothing less" and with that I stormed to my room and slammed my door.

-next morning-

Niall opened my door and brought me breakfast in bed.

"Truce?" He asked softly, his Irish accent strong.

"Truce" I stated.

I loved him so much he always knew how to make up and make me happy.

"I'm sorry about last night." I spoke softly.

"It's okay. I should have known that harry always gets the girl. It's no different with Caity." He said as a tear fell from his eye. My heart broke watching my brother go through this, he was tough and seeing him cry just tore me apart.

"Any one would be lucky to have you. Your just too protective of Caity which supports her reasonings for liking you as a brother." I said softly placing my hand on his cheek and wiping away his tears.

-harry and Caity date-

I picked Caity up from ems apartment. I was so excited I borrowed zayns car, his was a lot more... well better I guess.

"So what do you wanna do today? May I give you a kiss, I usually do it at the end but I feel like if I don't do it now I'll never get the chance to do it again?" I asked staring at my feet.

"Let's just go for a drive in the country. Go ahead and kiss me!" She responded.

I placed my lips to hers and kissed her softly. We pulled away and I led her to the car.

We hadn't been driving that long I moved my hand to hold hers. I came up over the hill slowly and within a blink of an eye something hits Caitlyn's side of the car and the car spins. There was glass shattering everywhere and the airbags went off. I hear Caitlyn whimper as the car comes to a halt.

"Caitlyn are you okay?" I ask and turn and see her struggling to keep her eyes open, "love stay with me" I say taking off my seatbelt and moving my body to help her. "Love it’s okay, stay with me, come on, I love you stay with me please!" I try to encourage trying to get a hold of my phone to call for help. I couldn’t find my phone so I tried to see where caitlyn's was but I couldn’t find it, and I didn’t want to move her. I check her pulse and it was very faint. Someone had stopped to help and called for help while I tried to keep Caitlyn with me.

Harry" she choked out softly but before I could say anything she continued "hold me harry just for a while. Hold me please" I nodded and held her in my arms while trying not to move her. I held her so close and kissed her, our last kiss. I knew I'd found a love that I'd miss.

"No caitlyn stay with me, don’t close your eyes you’re strong stay with me love come on" I let out as I watch her close her eyes unable to do anything.

I'll never forget all those sounds. The screaming tires, the busting glass and the painful scream I heard last.

We arrive at the hospital and they rush her in before I could catch up. They forced me into the waiting room. I was scared I had lost her. I was alone and scared and needed someone so I called my mum, she was always there for me, no matter what. She comes to the hospital straight away asking questions I didn’t know the answer too. “This is all my fault mum” I let out to her and she rubs my back trying to comfort me, “what if she isn’t okay? What am I going to do?” I cry, “it isn’t your fault, the accident wasn’t your fault, it was the other drivers” my mum tries to say, but it didn’t make me feel better. “I should have been more careful on the roads, I was warned to be careful by caitlyn and I said I would be careful and I wasn’t” I vent, “Harry it wasn’t your fault she will be okay she will pull through” mum softly says trying to calm me down but it didn’t help. “you don’t know she will pull through” I say standing up and running my fingers through my hair as I start to pace. “You don’t know she won’t pull through Harry think positive” “I can’t it is hard. I’m scared for her, I can’t lose her she’s my life, what will I do without her, I’m nothin without her, she’s my everything. She has to be okay, she has to, she can’t leave me!” I vent feeling tears falling. I didn’t care I was crying, the love of my life was in hospital and I didn’t know what condition she was in. “Stay positive Harry okay, just stay positive” mum tries to drum into me but it wasn’t helping. A doctor came in and told me she was stable for now and showed me to her room.The machines were all hooked to her and she looked so pale as she slept, “is she going to be okay?” I ask stuttering, “she should be, but we aren’t 100%” the doctor says. I nod and the doctor leaves, “caitlyn if you can hear me I am so so so so sorry, I can’t express how sorry I am for what happened. I shouldn’t have forced you I just wanted to make tonight special and to happen, and it couldn’t happen without you. Please don’t leave me, stay with me I love you too much for you not to survive.” I whisper leaning my head on the bed as I hold her little cold hand. after a few hours of just the machine beeping I feel her move her hand a little.

I hoped onto the bed hugging her and her heart rate picked up. But after a few minutes she flatlined. The doctors rushed in and pushed me out of the room. I couldn't stop crying.

Now she's gone, and even though I hold her tight, I lost the love and my life tonight!

-Lizzie's POV -

Stupid traffic. I finally arrived at the hospital I ran to harry who was balling his eyes out.

"She's gone. My love and my life are gone and it's all my fault" he sobbed into my shoulder. I started to cry. She couldn't be gone she was my best friend no matter how jealous I was of her and harry I wanted her to be with him. I wanted her to be happy and now she's dead. DEAD!!!! My best friend is DEAD! I broke down and fell to the floor. Why would she do this to me she was strong! Why did she stop fighting!

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