Clara Pendragon

Clara is the 12th generation of Pendragon's to live in Camelot. Clara's mother passed away when she was young and last year her father, King Arthur the 12th went too. Clara now lives in Camelot with her Aunt and Uncle, they have taken the crown until Clara turns 20. Only one problem, Clara doesn't want to become Queen.



"Clara?!" The high pitched wine of my aunt's voice leaks through my golden lit bedroom. I pull the thick sheets over my head, it can't be morning, not yet, then I fling up, eyes wide, I fling the sheets back and stare at the empty space on my bed, I look down disappointed but relieved and lie back down. Deans sweet smell lingers on my sheets. He smelt of male deodorant and the sweet lilacs that just bloomed outside my bedroom window. "CLARA!!!" She squeals again, I sit up and grab my bikinis and put them on, my long hair falling in front of my face as I hurry to get into my swimmers, they are this beautiful colour of crystal blue. I quickly run down the golden steps of the castle, careful not to make to much noise, as I get to the steps that led down to the river behind the castle my aunt shouts my name from behind me, "CLARA MARIA PENDRAGON!!!!" My Aunty walks towards me, I turn around carefully, "where do you think you're going?!" She asked as I take a step back down the steps nearly touching the grass, "I'm just going for a...walk" I say taking another step, "Dressed like that? I think not!" She says as I give her a cheeky smile and rand towards the water my hair flying behind me, "GAWAIN!! Go get her!!" I hear my Aunty yelling at the guard I start to laugh and keep running, diving into the water, it's icy cold and I know Gawain wouldn't follow so I stay close to the bank. "Clara why do you do this to me?" Gawain says as he comes to a stop at the edge of the water puffing, I smile at him and duck under the water, "out now!" He says I role my eyes and get out, he hands me a towel and I take it, "I just wanted to go for a swim! Remember we always went swimming before she came!!" I say walking through the grass whipping my face with the towel. "Your aunt is doing her best for you she is trying you know that" Gawain says pulling me in, "Dad wouldn't make me marry that freak" I say bitting the towel, "he isn't a freak, Clara" Gawain says, I role my eyes and walk up the marble steps that no longer glow golden from the morning sun.

"Go get dressed, okay" Gawain says and I nodded. I walked up the steps towards my room, I close the door and get dressed into basic ridding jeans and a long ridding shirt. I look out the window as I plate my hair, I smile down at the ground, finishing my hair I run straight down stairs, running on the now hot marble floor of the court yard down into the smooth cool grass straight into Dean's arms. "Hey you" he says kissing me, I kiss him back, "Are you finished work for the day?" I ask smiling, "yeah" he says and I know he's lying but I still kiss him, "CLARA!!!!!" My aunt screams through the castle and Dean and I hide straight away, "Clara now let's go!" Says Gawain walking down the steps, "Say goodbye and let's go!" Gawain says again coming closer, "go on, I'll see you tonight anyway" Dean says kissing me I nod and go with Gawain, "if she finds out-" Gawain starts and I cut him off, "She has no say in what I do" and walk away to go greet the Prince.

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